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FLASH REVIEW: Angel Skin Lightening Bar with Kojic and Gigawhite

angel skin
angel skin

First of all. HELLO! It’s been a while since I reviewed a soap bar so you must be as excited as I am. Today we’ll be featuring Angel Skin – Skin Lightening Bar with Kojic and Gigawhite. We all know what Kojic Acid already is. If you don’t do read my Kojic Acid FAQ.


This has been sent to me for consideration along with other variants of their soap. So come one and come all. Let’s begin shall we?

Angel Skin – Skin Lightening Bar with Kojic and Gigawhite REVIEW


  • Price – 149php
  • Packaging – Do they have the same manufacturer as Diamond Orange Peel and L-Glutathione Face and Body Bar? Because the packaging is a direct rip-off and I’m disappointed!
  • Texture  – It is cold-pressed so it melts easily. It produces enough suds and lather to bubble up your whole body
  • Scent – The generic orange fragrance of most kojic bars
  • Does it work? Nope. It claims to be kojic soap but look at what’s first in the ingredients list? TALC. SALICYLIC ACID AND PAPAYA. PAPAIN. I hope they just told the truth that it’s a papaya-centric soap and not kojic. The kojic acid, which is an expensive ingredient is last on the list o? So disappointing.
  • Will I buy again? Nope
  • Final Thoughts I’d rather spend money on soap that doesn’t try to imitate other brands. Gosh! This is such a turn-off. Their other variants are also rip-offs of Neutrogena and Celeteque. Ugh…

Was I too honest for comfort? No apologies. You readers deserve honest and no-holds-barred reviews. Love you!


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