RYX Skincerity Foaming Wash Serum Review
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Flash Review: RYX Skincerity Foam Cleanser and Serum | Effective ba talaga?

RYX Skincerity Foaming Wash Serum Review
RYX Skincerity Foaming Wash Serum Review

I bought this as a set (RYX Skincerity Ultra Hydrating Foaming Cleanser and Serum) kasi ang daming nice reviews. I was even planning to feature this on my blog and YT


Sadly it didn’t work so well on my skin. It gave me these weird bumps on my upper lip and the “glass skin” effect that everyone is raving about is just temporary. Because the serum leaves this glue like finish on your face making it appear glossy. It goes away after a few hours.


The facial wash smells strongly of hydrogen peroxide (I know so because I use this to make my DIY bleach) but to be fair it wasn’t drying as they claim.

The INGREDIENTS like carrot extract, niacinamide, papain, and aloe are promising but I did find out what caused the bumps *drumroll*


Both products have menthol in them and it is one type of skin irritant. So I had to stop using it to save my skin.


Final Thoughts

If this product works for you then all good! This review is based on my personal experience. I had initial videos shot na as “before” pero I realized after what it did to my skin I won’t make any effort na to publish the review as a video. Knowing how toxic the youtube community is.






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