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FULL REVIEW: Apotheke Science Philippines Skin Care Line

Hi everyone! I can’t believe I stuck with a single all-natural skin care routine for the past 30++ days. Today I’m sharing with you my experience using ALL the products from Apotheke Science Philippines. So please, do feel free to scroll down for an invidual product review, watch my experience Vlog, and read my thoughts. Did it work for me? Will it work for you?

Apotheke Science Philippines Review


*Products was sent for trial. I was not compensated in any form to write this review.


Acne Pimples Sad

I’ve been suffering from stubborn pimples since 2018 last year up til early 2019 ever since I tried a certain skincare line that promises glass skin. Hindi lang talaga ako hiyang dun I guess? I tried my trusted anti-acne remedies like Kati-Alis etc. but none seem to work. “It’s time I tried something new”, I told myself. Apotheke Science sent me a DM on instagram asking if I wanted to try their products. There was literally nothing to lose so I said yes and gave it a go! 


Who is Apotheke Science? 

These products were first conceived of in a chemo therapy room, when an internationally recognized and award-winning Filipino Molecular Biologist (Ph.D) and Medical Doctor (Neurology) sought a way to help patients heal their skin without the carcinogenic effects of parabens, sulfates, dyes, toxins, and other chemicals found in commercial skin care products.  The result is an all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free line whose intent is not to profit, but to heal

Kikaysikat says: I can attest to this! Their products are surprisingly affordable! 

Where to buy? @apothekescience or Apotheke Science Shopee

Price Range: 149-299 for individual products. 649-999 for sets.


Apotheke Science Review

Apotheke Science Philippines
*I only tried their Face Mask once because I’m LAZY to prepare clay masks.

I documented my experience using Apotheke Science products in my Youtube Channel: KikaysikaTV and you can watch it below:

Pure Castile Face Wash (189php)

Made from 100% pure saponified extra virgin olive oil. Mild and cleanser Hypoallergenic Deep cleanses Removes deep seated dirt Non-drying Suitable for babies too

Review: Amoy ulam! (smells like a savoury dish!). Of course, what would you expect from an olive-oil based cleanser, to smell like olive oil. I used this every morning and night as the first step of my skin care routine. It doesn’t produce any bubbles or lather, but feels good to massage on my face. It can remove light makeup and is not stingy on my eyes. 

Firming Toner (249php)

Alcohol-free Firming Toner made with: Pure Organic Australian Rose water Pure Organic Witchhazel extract Pure Organic St. John’s wort extract Pure Organic Green tea extract

PH LEVEL: 4.5 -5.5 Cleanses skin Calms and soothes Treats blemishes Restores nutrients Shrinks pores Removes deep seated dirt

Review: This product highly reminds me of my favorite Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. Except the former doesn’t have St. John’s Wort extract and Green Tea extract that help calm down inflammation. I love the mild rose petal scent and it does the job removing deep seated dirt that a facial wash cannot do. It’s low PH level helps prep the skin for the next steps too

Niacinamide 10% (249php)

Niacinamide 10% Niacin in a bed of aloe vera extract, aloe vera gel, and Sea weed extract

Tightens skin Calms inflammation Shrinks pores Lightens pigmentation Hydrates skin Smoothens wrinkles Heals acne Unclogs congested pores Increases skin health

PH level: 5.0-5.5

Review:  I LOVE that it’s aloe vera based. It instantly feels cool on my skin when applied, and absorbs fast. The smell is like freshly cut sweet grass! I noticed there was less occurence of blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores during use. It also calms down my skin redness. I haven’t noticed any significant difference on my acne spots after 30 days so I guess I’ll update you guys if I notice any changes after longer usage.

I’m half-way empty in my bottle because I generously apply this stuff. It’s quite addicting! 

Spot Treatment (249php)

Spot Treatment

Overnight spot treatment that eradicates pimples, calms inflammation, and stops propionibacterium acnes from causing cystic and acne breakouts.

Its active ingredients are tea tree, lavender, azadirachta indica (neem), grapeseed oil, and green tea.

Review: This has a STRONG tea tree scent and a little goes a long way. I use it 2x a day on my stubborn pimples and they flattened as early as 3 days of using. It’s been 30+ days and I haven’t made a dent on my bottle. I think this will last for a year or until it expires. 

Brightening Night Serum (249php)

30-day intensive brightening serum that stops melanin production, making skin fairer a lighter in just 30 days! Rich in arbutin and aloesin that works synergistically to stop melanin production. Made from 10 plant extracts All natural Vegan Organic No toxins No sulfates No parabens Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).

Review: Okay first up is the packaging. It’s in the same container as the Niacinamide, but this is harder to dispense because this is in oil form. Whenever I pump the product out, it makes a mess. I hope they do something about it. The scent also reminds me of a citrus car freshener that I’m not fond of. 

It has carrot extract which sources the retinol (vitamin A) content that helps with fading dark spots, fine lines, regenerating, and firming skin. Vitamin C from citrus and tomato, vitamin E, and bearberry concentrate. 

While my skin looked significantly smoother and brighter upon use, it takes a bit longer for the stubborn acne marks to lighten. 

Skin Doctor Balm (299php)


Significantly reduces wrinkles Smoothens skin in 7 days. Moisturizes skin inside and out Non-comedogenic. Wont clog pores. Formulated with 20 organic plant and botanical extracts No sulfates. No parabens. No toxins No chemicals Non comedogenic. Cruelty free. Non GMO

Directions: Apply the face salve anytime of the day, but particularly at night time before bed. Wake up with healthier, glowing and rejuvenated skin. You will see the difference in just a few days.

Review: This is me and my lolo’s favorite. When I visited him in the hospital a few weeks ago I brough it along with me. He told me his skin feels rough and dry so I gave him my tub. We looooooooove the relaxing scent this can double as an anti-migraine balm LOL. In the morning I use this as a base for smoother makeup application and to protect my skin from environmental stress. At night, I use this as the final layer of my entire skin care to seal in all the vitamins and goodness of everything I’ve used.

It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. No new pimples were “born” during time of use and my skin looks so fiiiiiiiiine upon waking up. My lolo told me that his dry spots healed the following day of use. Kaya he didn’t return my tub na so I had to request for a new one. Hahaha! 

If there’s only one product I’d purchase over and over from Apotheke Science, their Skin Doctor Balm would be it! It’s unique, multi-purpose, and effective. Use sparingly because it is still oil based.


Final Thoughts

If you’re considering trying Apotheke Science too, I suggest you get the entire set so you can experience the synergistic effect of each and every product in their line-up. I’ll still continue using the line, and even re-order my set until maybe something new sparks up my curiosity. BUT I’ll definitely go back to this one in case of emergency.













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  • Kristine

    Hi! Do you have the names of the doctors who formulated their products? I cannot find it anywhere online kasi. And for me, it’s kinda off-putting na they advertise this brand as a product of internationally-renowned doctors and then do not tell us who they are. For checking the credibility of claims sana, entitled naman siguro ang mga buyers to do this right? Also, are their products FDA-approved. They’ve been in the market for a while na pala so I hope they have their products registered.

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