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Food: KFC Zinger Double Down

I’m a sucker for breadless sandwiches so bring it on! A couple of years ago, I made a short review on KFC’s super healthy double down consisting of 2 hearty pieces of chicken fillet, cheddar cheese, bacon, and mayo.. whew..

I guess they thought to themselves, why waste our zinger fillets and make zinger double downs! It’s the same double down, except with the spicy fillet


It’s nice that they finally put some sort of holder to help you eat the sandwich, it used to be messy before, but now the “cone” holds everything nicely.


I prefer this one than the original one because the spicy kick lessens the “umay” and “sawa” factor of the dish. After eating one whole sandwich, I even had the appetite to finish the mashed potato that came with it :p and unlike the non-spicy, I can eat this over and over again.

Have you tried double downs? Some peeps even eat it with rice! XD

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