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Review: Revlon Colors in Bloom Palette Swatches and Short Review

When my ninang (auntie) told me she got a Revlon Palette as pasalubong from one of her officemates, I scratched my head and told her it might be a fake because I never heard of a Revlon Palette before. And we all know there are a lot of those spread over Divisoria hahaha. 🙂 *ehem fake MAC ehem* with unheard collections and palettes.

But suprisingly, when I got home, it indeed was a palette from Revlon. A Duty-free exclusive. It’s very similar to my old Lancome Palette encased in black plastic but this one is more of a dust and scratch magnet, and doesnt include a velvet casing.




This is why some people don’t like mixed palettes with lippies/shadows because the powders get mixed up with the creams. I didnt swatch the blush because even with my somehow fair skin, it didnt show up. It’s quite chalky and flies all over the palette. It gave this slightest super slight “rose” color.. Okay I’ll post the picture where I tried to swatch it with my face.. I think there’s color.. but I prefer something that “pops”




The shadows are nicely pigmented though not tightly packed so it gets loose around. Need to tap tap the brush so that there isnt much fallout. They last fairly long around 5 hrs without a primer, not bad. Although I’m not fan of the dark/gloomy shades and I wished they included the very versatile taupe.
My fave shades in this bunch is the charcoal and brown. The white/champagne has huge sparkles that is a big NO NO for me.



The lippies are nice as well. They’re the palette version of the super lustrous lipsticks. They are like your regular lippies, creamy, pigmented, and well, average. My favorite is rose dew (first swatch on the left) because it’s perfect for summer. It’s a mix of rose, gold, pink. I would make an individual post on each lip color in the ff. days with a lip swatch.

This goes for 35USD and only available in Duty Free. Will I buy this? Nope. I would rather invest on a better quality palette and add a few bucks. Like the Lancome Palette or YSL Palette. I wish Chanel would come up with a similar set! I’d definitely go for those.

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