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Food: Ramen Kuroda at RCBC Plaza Makati

Now this will not be an extensive “review” of Ramen Kuroda in RCBC Plaza. Rather an appreciation of their Kuro Ramen (black ramen) which consists of thick tonkatsu broth, noodles, leeks, egg, pork loins and roasted garlic (that’s why it’s black)

How much is a bowl? A regular bowl of ramen will cost you 180php. I’d like to have extra protein so if you get the 230php priced one, you’d get 2 more extra pork loin slices!

I like my ramen with lots of sesame seeds, sesame oil, and chili to give it that extra kick. When I used to work here, this was my go-to place for comfort food especially when stressed. Ramen makes me relax.
Will I still eat here again? Definitely. They’re priced wayyy cheaper than most ramen restaurants here in the Philippine but they don’t sacrifice the taste. It’s better than most pa nga!

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