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Sakae Sushi Review

JAPANESE FOOD!!! Sakae Sushi is a restaurant joint not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the globe. It features the popular sushi conveyor belt which displays a wide array of sushi for you to pick on and the price depends on the color of the plate. I recently written about 3 Japanese food restaurants and with this as my fourth, hope to feast more in this cuisine more.

Best to dine in groups since servings are pretty hefty. Budget for four is around 1,500PHP

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Our Food

Service was slow, but the wait was worth it. Better get your food hot, fresh, and delicious than get it quick but food was sitting around for hours already in the kitchen.

Tuna Sashimi

The sashimi was fresh, it was soft and melts in your mouth. It takes a practiced palette to eat raw food, but trust me it’s worth trying

California Maki

The ever so common California Maki. Just like any other sushi of its kind, the mixture of mangos, crabsticks and rice rolled in a seaweed skin is yum yum! Best for newbie sushi foodies.

Beef Gyudon

Ahhhh.. beef! Perfeclty cooked and seasoned without that “umay” factor. A generous serving of tender grilled beef strips served with veggies is the main course of choice for those with a big appetite!

Tori Karaage

Chunky chicken coated in crispy breading and deep fried. I found this dish a bit bland so you need to dip it in the sauce it comes with. But then Im not fond of dipping chicken in gravy or sauce of sorts 😛

Miso Ramen

Sorry 🙁 Was too full with the gyudon to try this one! It looks appetizing though.

Grilled Squiid (haha sorry forgot the japanese name for squid) XD

Takes a strong set of jaws to eat this one. Tough and rubbery.. I’m not recommending this. To summarize everything. I will definitely come back to sakae sushi for their sushi and sashimi plates plus their gyudon! 😀 The house green iced tea is yum yum as well. Those who like the eat all you cans and buffets. They offer a sushi buffet for 399, everything in the conveyor belt.

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