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For My Dearest Readers: Boxes, Do you keep em?

When purchasing our cosmetic and beauty products, most of them are packaged in cute boxes or containers. I, for one thinks they are a waste of space as clutter and throw em right away. But in fact, cosmetic boxes actually add more value to our makeup when people plan to resell them. Buyers would like to get something that still has the box intact and feels “new”.

So I’m wondering if my readers keep their beauty boxes and why, or throw em right away just like I do?

So.. do you keep your boxes? Why? 🙂


  • Chelle

    I keep boxes and often still store the makeup I use in it because as much as possible I don't want sun light to get into direct contact with my makeup because the color changes and it expires quickly. Just take a look at posters and paints when they're directly hit by the sunlight, they fade quickly.

  • miss wiggle

    I only keep boxes for things that I think I might swap/sell – I decide this after a couple weeks of using them. I have them all stored in a bag. Granted I don't have tons of stuff, so it's easier to keep. I can't imagine keeping hundreds of boxes though… that's crazy!

    Another reason to keep boxes is b/c of the info written on them. Ingredients lists, or shade numbers, etc. – things you may want to refer back to. But you could just as easily write them down somewhere to avoid the clutter.

  • MaryJoyce

    Me too i keep boxes as much as possible. I have a box for that.! LOL!. Just like you said, if you plan to sell it, if the packaging is included there seems to be more value (proof that it is brandnew, or 1st-hand used)

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