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The Old Spaghetti House Review

The Old Spaghetti House Seafood Pizza

Hello Kikays! Food porn alert! Food porn alert! What’s new at the old? 🙂 Hehe, sorry guys I couldn’t help it! The first time I can recall eating at The Old Spaghetti House was with my college buddies back when we were fresh out of college and ready to spend our first paychecks. We came from a public school and most of us weren’t well off so eating out even at casual dining restaurants was a first for us. My mouth literally watered when I first tried their pastas and my favorite, their deep fried oroes which they now call golden oreos ala mode. We definitely enjoyed our stay with the pleasant homey charm of their interior and the welcoming staff. I thought to myself “I’m definitely going back again” and I did, again and again.

What was the first meal you treated yourself to on your first paycheck?

When I received an invite to do some food tasting for their new dishes, I was ecstatic! I took another trip to memory lane and recalled the former story I mentioned. Hmm I’d definitely want to try those! Their latest dishes are highlighted on their menu.

Are you ready?


New Dishes at Old Spaghetti House (MENU and PRICE)





Grilled Chicken Apple and Almond Salad

Dressed with their home blended garlic mayo. Their salad is indeed a fresh start to your meal. The sweet and crisp apples harmonises well with the crunchy lettuce and the chicken gives a smokey flavor while the dressing holds it all together. This was my favorite appetizer among all of them.

Roasted corn and pumpkin soup

 Very chunky and the chicken not too salty. A bit on the heavy side so this is nice to share if you still want to fill your tummy with more meals than this soup.

Cajun Seafood

 Served with Thai Chili Mayo. It’s your usual calamari feast only this one is served with more than squid. It has clams, mussels, shrimp. Breading is not too thick but I wish they made it crispier.

Ham and Cheese Croquettes

 Serve these to your kids and you’ll have them stay put in their seats because it’s really good.

Fried Wonton with Spinach Cheese Dip
If you’re bored, want something to nibble on while waiting for your friends (or your date) get this one. It’s light, crunchy, and keeps you occupied.


Chili Con Carne Pasta

 For those who like their pasta dishes sweet and spicy! The sauce gave a mexican flare to your ordinary bolognese.

Chicken Inasal Pasta

 Too sweet for my taste although I loved how they cooked their penne, when I had my first bite what came to my mind was “lasang ulam” hey, it is ulam! 😛

Breakfast Pasta

 It has ham, mushroom, and egg. Nothing extraordinary although it might be if they served the egg uncooked and let the customer cook it on hot pasta.

Vodka Spaghetti with Sausage

 Citrusy sweet. Could use more vodka.

Spaghetti Ramen
THIS IS MY FAVORITE. I loved how rich and flavorful the broth tastes and how it’s filled with a lot of toppings. I slurped the soup with the spaghetti and enjoyed every last bit of it. 🙂 If you’re a seafood fan you definitely want to order this one.








I was just trying to make pa-cute with my thumbs up. As the old saying goes “Walang pizzang hindi masarap” from your street vendor’s 25php pizza to the most expensive kind. But even if there’s no bad tasting pizza, there’s always those who rank higher. Sadly, with all the pizzas my tongue and tummy already tasted, this never reached my top 5 best pizzas in the metro (soooon)


Half Fried Chicken

 Served with crispy potato. Oooooh oil.It’s quite tasty. The taste is similar to Max’s Fried Chicken.

Jambalaya Chicken

 It’s tender but the chicken was lacking flavor. All the flavor went into the rice. They should serve this mixed instead.

Angus Chuck Strips
I probably had a bad batch because I can hardly chew mine when it was served. The meat was tough although the sauce was indeed flavorful.



 Their cookies are chewy, just the way we all like it. They have different flavors and did you know they also serve gluten-free cookies?

This is not new but an old time favorite! Golden Oreos ala Mode! <3 *heavy breathing*
*sweat drips* Alright! That’s all folks for now! Back to my question: What was the first meal you treated yourself to on your first paycheck? Share via commenting below! 🙂


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