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GEO Holicat Lens XHC-506 (Barbie Hazel) Review

These are specialty kind of lenses that would give you “cat-eyes”. I got the Barbie ones because I thought they would look most natural but I was wrong. It gave me vampire-like light colored irises instead. If you would want something more natural get the Holicat Cutie or Holicat Lovely instead.


These lenses are good for a month’s use. They are stored in sterile packs so you can be assured you get them clean.


It’s the tiny box  that got me. It’s so cute.


Geo lenses makes one of the most comfortable kinds of lenses. You can compare them when you feel them vs. local brands like those you can buy at EO


Half with lens half without

In my opinion, I prefer the side without lenses. Maybe the color just doesnt suit me too well. My favorite geo is the Geo Tear Lens. It’s soft, natural, and just enhances the eyes instead of completely changing it.

Wearing on both eyes. What do you think?

I recommend these type of lenses to those who are bored of their usual color change doll type lenses. If there are doll type there must be cat eyes. 🙂

The Optical Shop distributes Geo Lenses in their shops. You can also pre-order your preferred lenses.

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