Glupa Papaya Whitening Soap Review

Shh.. I’m in a training write now at work while trying to squeeze my time finishing this glupa papaya whitening soap review for you guys. The last whitening soap that I’ve been loving was Sofia’s Glutathione Soap but I had to switch it up a bit since I love changing skincare products on a frequent basis. I always see GLUPA on the racks of Watson’s or Mercury Drug and been planning to purchase a bar to try but I never got into it. 

What? GLUPA Glutathione+Papaya Skin Whitening Soap
How much? Php140
Where to buy? Leading drugstores and department stores

Luckily I was invited to an intimate meet&greet with Ms. Aiza, the gorgeous owner of GLUPA with a few beauty blogger friends a couple of months ago. They showcased the GLUPA Skincare Range from their whitening soaps, whitening creams, and whitening lotions. Being an ingredient freak, the first thing that I looked for was Glupa’s ingredient list. I was amazed!  Do you remember how I taught you that the most active ingredients in the product are the ones that listed first? It means it has the highest concentration amount. 
Meaning, if the product lists a “filler” talc as first, and then lists papain as the last. It means it really isn’t effective at all. GLUPA lists Arbutin and Grapeseed Oil Extract as 2nd and 3rd in the list so I thought to myself, WOW.


It comes in a very sleek matte black box with a complementing orange and gray theme. The packaging looks and feels very expensive. You will also appreciate it has a proper description of the product, directions, and detailed ingredients. 

Directions on Using:

Make a rich lather on wet skin. For best results, leave on for at least 3 minutes then rinse well. Apply lotion after bath. Why 3 minutes? It’s for our skin to be able to absorb all the potent ingredients and make it work, kasi rinsing it off will just render the soap just like a regular soap. It’s cold-processed and made of the purest ingredient so this melts pretty quickly. I suggest drying this after use. It’s hard to cut into chunks because it’s not square compared to other soaps like Koji-San or Sofia SVR Glutathione.

GLUPA Papaya Whitening Soap Ingredients

Sodium Cocate (soap base), Aqua, Arbutin (expensive and potent whitening ingredient), Vitis Vinifera (grapeseed extract), Lecithin, Linoleic Acid (soap base), Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C), Glutathione, Glycerin, Carica Papaya ennzym, Perfium, Reduced L-Glutathione.
Read the box yourselves folks! This soap is made out of potent stuff! Now how does it fare? Read on futher.

GLUPA Papaya Whitening Soap Review

I LOVE IT. It smells like fresh cucumber melons, you know the bath and body works scent? It builds up a decent amount of lather. I left it on my skin for 3-5 minutes and felt a slight tingling sensation on parts that have thinner skin such as my face. It didn’t sting/hurt as much compared to harsher soaps *cough koji san cough psalmstre placenta* 

The soap didn’t feel drying but helped in drying the pimple on my chin (ugh I always get chin acne, how come?!. After 2 weeks of use, I have to be honest, I’m using a LOT of whitening products and supplements that when it comes to external products like soaps I cannot vouch much for its whitening because I think I am reaching the maximum fairness I can achieve so far. However, If we study the ingredients list alone, this is one of the better soaps you can purchase in retail. They do extensive research and the technology they used in producing this soap is sourced exclusively from Japan. I’m not a fan of soaps that is purely made out of fillers.
It is 
I did receive compliments lately that I’ve been looking more “makinis”. This soap exfoliates skin really well and it does feel premium. There are some soaps kasi if you use it your skin gets darker pa lalo. 

Kikaysikat Tip: Don’t leave it too long! 5 minutes is maximum. Leaving a soap like this for too long may lead to excessive drying and make your skin sensitive

Will I Buy Again?

Yes. This will be a staple together with my other favorites; Likas, Mestiza, and Sofia SVR.

Mapapagalitan na ko! LOL! Later! 🙂


  • Telle

    Hi share ko lang. 🙂 Sabi sakin dati ng dermatologist white toothpaste lang daw ang gamitin, kasi ung colored toothpaste daw nagcacause ng zits sa chin. There's this article I've read na ung fluoride daw ung causative agent. 🙂

  • Ghezlanie Abancio

    My brother is using Glupa Soap and it did had a great effect on his skin. His skin got lighter and his face looks so fresh, clear and tight so I decided to give it a try. I have some pimples and acne and while I was digging out for it, I saw Glupa Skin Solutions Plus. The one with the Acne Buster. I bought and tried it. After just one to two days of using it, I had a significant increase in the amount of breakouts. I've been using it now for 5 days and I could see that my skintone got lighter but I'm having more pimples 🙁 The first time I used it and up to now, I feel tightening, burning & itching sensations in my face. I know that for some products at first, that is normal to be felt and it means that the components are acting up on the problems then after a few days, those sensations should vanish and great results would show. Its been 5 days & my face gets worse 🙁 Very disappointing. But I'm still giving it a chance.. I'm not sure how long I'll give it a try before I give it up…

  • Jewell Franco

    Hi. Ngayon na lang po ulit ako mag ttry na magpaputi. Browsing the net, I've come past to your post about this Glupa Products. Morena po ako and honestly, hindi ko po alam kung puputi pa ako xD Tingin niyo po, this product would be effective po for me? And any suggestions po kung ano po kaya ung maganda pang products para po sa tulad ko. Thanks po.

  • Mhistygurl

    Hi Jewell, try mo yung Glupa Products effective tlga sya. Yung cream pwede mo sya gamitin s whole body mo before bed time. Especially s dark spots kahit na sa pekas mawawala tlga. Proven and tested ko na sya 🙂 try to visit this fb: on sale sila. Buy 1 Take One 1 yung cream nila!!

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