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Gourmet Guys Diet Delivery Review

 During my search for the best diet delivery service in Manila, I had several requirements;

1. It should be appetizing
2. It should be filling
3. I should be informed of its macro count and not just the calories
4. They should have good customer service and would not feel “cheated”
5. Food should be varied and not repetitive

I looked up on google and facebook, browsed thru their menus, photos, and product description, even up to the point where I messaged them just to ask the macro count(protein vs fat vs carbohydrates) of their food items. Sam from Gourmet Guys was one of the first who responded to my question, even gave more info that enticed me to try their service.

Did you know they customize their meals according to the needs of their clients and not just the 1200 calorie count. During my registration on the site, it even asked if I’m allergic to anything. Talk about personalized diet! 🙂

So I told Sam I’ll try it for a couple of weeks just in time for my Boracay trip where all of us, I suppose will go in the next summer months so we need to be beach ready by then. The holiday season I’m sure made us gain more weight than wanted especially fat, oh no.

Current Weight: 108lbs
Initial Target Weight:  100lbs

Losing 8 pounds in 2 weeks IS NOT HEALTHY. The healthy “weight loss” is the minimum of .5lbs every 2 weeks, this is a short term low-calorie diet that should not be done for more than a couple of weeks since 1100 calories is unhealthy. They also put in 1100 because I take whey supplements for working out (129calories/glass)

That is why….

Target weight: 104lbs, focusing on fat loss.

I chose the slim n trim diet which damages you around 895/day if you’re gonna pick the monthly option.

So DAY 1. I got my orders Monday afternoon and this is food for Tuesday. Initial thoughts? Boy they looked plenty. I even asked myself  “Are they sure this is 1100?”

Breakfast – Sub. It wasn’t scrimped with ingredients. It had good quality ham, cheese, veggies, all rested on a wheat bun
AM Snack – The dressing was surprisingly well seasoned. I was expecting ordinary oil. Haha!
Lunch – This made me full halfway thru the meal. The sauce was made out of fresh tomatoes too
PM Snack -Ah.. If only I can have more servings of cake


Dinner – My favorite meal of the day I loved the vegetables included in this and the chicken was very moist considering it’s chicken breast

Feedback? Everything tasted of quality. I did not feel deprived at all. As much as I don’t want to make any comparisons but just by looking at the food you know that it’s well thought and well prepared. There are even times I feel full already that I force myself to finish the meal because if I don’t, I’d be totally under calories. Oh and did you know I had Tapsilog for breakfast today?

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Watch out for my next post where hopefully you’ll see a healthier kikaysikat at the beach! xD


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