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Hamaruken Trinoma Happiness Ramen Review

It’s actually the past 2 weeks that I’ve been craving for some good Ramen after having a SUPERB one at Kitchitora Glorieta 5. Sadly, none have reached the same level of satisfaction that their ramen gave me. It’s so good, I didn’t have time to take a picture as I finished the bowl immediately. I’d do a review once I come back, pretty soon I’m sure. Well enough about Kitchitora and let’s talk about the Happiness Ramen at Hamaruken Ramen Trinoma.
It was John Castle who convinced me to have Ramen last Saturday since we were at Trinoma already and it would be a hassle to go all the way to Glorieta. Besides, we’ve been hearing rave reviews from other friends and bloggers that we had to try it for ourselves.
Will we come back? Not if it’s with other friends who want to eat there.
Here’s what we honestly thought
  • Broth a bit bitter and salty and too watered down
  • Not rich enough for my taste
  • Rib slab was big,they were really generous on it
  • Meat was tender and well-seasoned
  • Worth the price since meat was BIG
  • Noodles have a nice bite to it
  • Will not come back. I prefer Kitchitora’s Ramen

 Please confirm if we just had a bad bowl or that’s really how it tastes but we really didn’t like the Ramen there so much. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exceptional either.

Damage: 490php/bowl


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