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Tips and Tricks: Out of Concealer?

This will be quick and simple. I know you girls wont run out of concealer! But this is really great if youre in a hurry and need a quick fix! Also for girls in a budget, you dont need to purchase a separate concealer anymore.

You can use your Liquid/Cream Foundation Residue.

What do I mean by residue?

The one left on the cap.

The sticky thick substance that you barely use because its not as liquidy as the newly poured foundation.

The excess.


  1. Grab your concealer brush and get that thick excess foundation residue (its usually at the bottom of the cap, the sides of bottle etc)
  2. See how nice and creamy it is?
  3. Conceal to concealable areas. It will look a bit, really little bit darker than its original tone, but it will work. Promise.


  1. Foundation is still foundation. Sometimes when components have settled in the cap, the mixture produces a product with more pigment, and offers more coverage.
  2. Did you know that a foundation shade a bit darker than your regular skintone is a better undereye concealer than something lighter? It’s because having a lighter shade of undereye concealer can sometimes give you a gray cast, while same shade or a shade darker can really cover.

Try it! 😉

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