jbl kids headphones
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Great Headphones for Kids – JBL JR300 and JR300BT feat. Macho Kid at Kidzania

jbl kids headphones
jbl kids headphones

Let’s face the facts that kids nowadays do most of their activities using gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Whether at school or play, this is where our life revolves around now. But have you considered the safety of your children while listening to music or playing games? Regular earphones can be toned up to maximum volume that can damage hearing.

That’s why HARMAN International, came up with the new JBL® Jr, JBL’s first line of headphones designed especially with kids in mind. JBL knows its new wired and wireless headphone models guarantee that kids’ listening experience remain outstanding yet totally safe.


“JBL took note that there are many kids out there who just want their listening pleasure taken to the next level without really having their parents worried about hearing concerns. Through innovation, JBL used technology that can adapt to kids’ needs in their headphones yet maintain quality and avoid potential hearing issues,” – Larry Secreto, Country Head of Harman in the Philippines.

JBL responded with its new JBL® Jr headphones, with its built-in JBL Pure Bass sound feature, and is fine-tuned to provide lower sound pressure levels. This way, kids can safely listen to their favorite music, movies or even video games to their hearts’ content.


For the little ones’ delicate ears, the JBL Safe Sound feature maxes out the volume level to keep it at a safe 85dB. JBL also took note of kids’ other needs regarding headphones by designing a clever 3D axis rotation ear cups that adjust automatically to a child’s ear size for that comfortable fit in the ears. And when combined with premium and flexible ear cushions, the JBL Jr series provide a high level of Passive Noise Cancellation so kids won’t have to strain their hearing trying to listen to their audio despite a noisy environment.


Aside from that, the JBL Jr’s outer design is created to be durable to withstand the most rigorous wear and tear.


The JBL JR300BT wireless headphone serves as the flagship model for the JBL® Jr line. Kids will find it easy to connect the JBL JR300BT to any of their smartphones, tablets and other devices using Bluetooth technology so they can enjoy cable-less and tangle-free listening for hours. Its kid-friendly buttons, meanwhile, provide kids with effortless listening and easy controls, and will surely enjoy the JBL JR300BT’s up to 12 hours of playback time and fast charging, an hour’s worth of playback for a charging time of only ten minutes.


The JBL JR300, on the other hand, is the wired equivalent of the JBL JR300BT, but features a 32-mm driver size and anti-tangle flat cable so kids won’t have to worry about irritating wire tangles.


Price and Where to Buy?

Available in colors of Spider Red and Ice Blue, the JBL JR300 is priced at PhP 1,499, while the JBL JR300BT with shades of Punky Pink, Rocker Blue, and Tropic Teal sells for PhP 2,999. The JBL Jr. headphones are now available in JBL stores nationwide.They can also customize their earphones with sticker packs! To tell you the truth these headphones seem to cool that want one for myself. Hahaha!

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Macho Kid at Kidzania



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