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Do Eye Masks Work? Luke Total Skin Solution Hydrogel Eyepatch Review


There are tons of skincare products in the market addressing different issues. The most challenging issue to address, are eyebags and wrinkles. Scientifically proven eye creams, gels, and serums can cost you an arm and a leg. Another alternative is go directly to your dermatologist or surgeon. What about those eye patches? Do they work? We’ll talk about it here featuring Luke Total Skin Solution Eyepatch for Wrinkles.

For the complete product line and description of Luke Total Skin Solution please refer to this post (link: Luke Total Skin Solution Philippines)



Luke Eyepatch Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles

Smoothen eye wrinkles and the fine lines in just 1 step thru Luke Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles with Q10 as the natural anti-oxidant that encourages the skin to rebuild skin cells. It also has natural collagens to help skin from drying out and maintain that youthful glow.

  • How much? 199php for box of 5

  • Where to buy? Landmark



  • Packaging – In a small box with 5 individually wrapped eyepatch pair.
  • Texture – It’s cool and refreshing. The gel sticks to your skin so it doesn’t fall off compared to other masks or patches
  • Scent – medicinal and rubbery
  • Does it work? Just a temporary relief. This is a novelty more than something that actually targets the wrinkles.



Do Eye Patches Work?

I used the whole box. Each eyepatch set consecutively for 5 days. Like everything else in this world. Nothing is permanent. Except aging and your wrinkles. BUT you can slow it down, and have temporary relief. Eye patches are great novelty. While this speficic one did not reduce the number of wrinkles and crows feet, it did lessen the puffiness of my eyebags.


Guys!!! You can also use this as a protective layer when doing your eye makeup. Since it sticks, you can do your eyeshadow and the patch will protect your skin from fallouts. All while helping reduce the puffiness.



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