Have a healthy, happy smile with the new Glister oral care solution

The World Health Organization (WHO) reminds us that our mouths are not just for eating and talking; they are also an important gateway for overall health. Proper oral hygiene is key to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth, and oral microbiome, which in turn can contribute to our overall well-being. Not only can good oral care prevent issues like cavities, gum diseases, and bad breath, but it can also help prevent more serious conditions linked to cardiovascular and respiratory health.

To support oral health, Glister, a dental care brand of Amway, offers a 3-Step Oral Care System designed to gently clean teeth, freshen breath, and keep gums healthy while maintaining the delicate oral microbiome. The system includes Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste, Glister Multi-Action Toothbrush, Glister Multi-Action Dental Floss, and Glister Multi-Action Concentrated Oral Rinse. Additionally, the brand also offers the Glister Mint Refresher Spray for those who want a quick fresh breath boost while on-the-go.

2023 Glister Mint Refresher Spray Texture US

Glister toothpaste is formulated with plant- and naturally derived ingredients, including natural silica and Nutrilite-grown peppermint, to gently polish teeth and freshen breath. It also contains Reminact technology that helps to redeposit essential minerals back onto the enamel through remineralization, strengthening the teeth and making them more resistant to decay. Glister toothpaste has just the right amount of fluoride to prevent the demineralization effect of acid formed in the plaque of the teeth and protect them against cavities. Moreover, it is free of alcohol, parabens, and animal-derived ingredients.

The Glister Multi-Action Toothbrush is engineered with an in-mold technology that provides a thinner head, allowing for more effective cleaning of hard-to-reach places. It also has an integrated tongue/cheek cleaner.

Glister Multi-Action Dental Floss is coated with a naturally derived wax that allows it to slide and glide smoothly between teeth and just below the gumline. It helps to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas while also gently stimulating the gums.

Glister Oral Rinse is floating on a active water background

The Glister Multi-Action Concentrated Oral Rinse can help kill gingivitis and bad breath-causing bacteria. It can also significantly reduce plaque and clean between teeth, compared to just brushing. The oral rinse is highly concentrated and can be diluted for up to 100 uses per bottle. It also contains no artificial dye, alcohol, peroxide, sugar or parabens.

In summary, the Glister oral care brand offers a range of products that can help strengthen and protect our oral health, which in turn can contribute to our overall well-being. Observing proper oral hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly can go a long way in maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

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