Have Cool Moments With Beko’s Air Conditioners This Holiday Season

Beko, a European appliance brand, offers you a lifestyle upgrade with their line of Air Conditioners designed to redefine the way you experience cool comfort at home.

This holiday season, you can also stay cool and make the most out of the savings of up to 60% offered by the Beko Sends Love promo from October 1-December 31, 2023. Your wallet will thank you as you’ll get lots of savings in your wallet and in your energy consumption bills since Beko air conditioners have an energy saving feature that lets you enjoy maximum coolness with minimal costs.

Get a restful sleep, say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and experience a cool atmosphere at your home as this has a low energy consumption rate. Save Php15,999 on the BSEOG 180/181 split type air conditioner 2.0HP SplitType AC HomeWhiz ProSmart Inverter Compressor, which has a cash price of Php 38,991.

Escape the heat or feel warm with the BSEOG 120/121, 1.5 HP SplitType AC HomeWhiz Prosmart Inverter Compressor, has a cash price of Php29,891 for savings of Php16,099 while the BSEOG 090/091, a HomeWhiz 1.0 HP SplitType AC ProSmart Inverter Compressor, has a cash price of Php25,791 for savings of Php11,199.

Beko’s appliances are also efficient for all kinds of spaces, especially Beko’s window type inverter air conditioners! The BPV0W 120, a 1.5HP Window Type AC Full DC Motors ProSmart Inverter Compressor, has a cash price of Php24,391) with savings of Php6,599 and the BPV0W 090, a 1.0HP Window Type AC Full DC Motors ProSmart Inverter Compressor, has a cash price of Php21,791 with savings of Php5,199.

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