Why You Should Try Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is something many people didn’t really care about for a long time. Sure, a couple of baristas here and there would mention it once in a while, and maybe if you made up part of the lucky few who had access to that obscure, unique coffee shop that actually offered it to order may have heard of it. In simple terms, it wasn’t something you’d commonly come across. Truth is, many coffee shops and cafes just didn’t care much about it. This in large part may have been because selling it in mass quantities as inexpensive coffee wasn’t feasible to them.


However, things have changed quite a lot since those days. Now more and more coffee shops are jumping on board the train, bringing up full-scale coffee shops with a specialty in pour over coffee attended to by well-trained baristas that happily pour hot water into tiny ceramic cones all day long. Many of them don’t even charge you extra for it. It’s slowly becoming a staple in the coffee drinker lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why you should be trying pour over coffee.

  1. It’s Highly Practical


When you have a pour over coffee brew setup you have the ability to enjoy fresh ground coffee whenever you want, anywhere and anytime. You won’t need to have anything plugged in. All you’ll require is your ground coffee and hot water. There aren’t any electronic parts attached to it, no hefty cleaning or maintenance costs and no moving, fragile parts that can get easily broken. Many of them you can even quickly pop into the dishwasher after you’ve used them. You can easily brew this type of coffee not only indoors, inside your home, but outside as well during day picnics beach and camping trips. Not sure which pour over coffee maker to buy? Check out these recommendations from Cuppabean.

  1. Anyone Can Do It


Operating an espresso machine is nowhere as easy as what most people think. It needs some amount of training before you can operate it properly. There are a plethora of different machines as well as different techniques that all contain their own specific, unique nuances. That fancy electronic coffee maker requires the pressing of several buttons, a detailed manual and, in this day and age, some might just even be tracking your data usage. Simple pour over coffee will take you back to where it all began. Look here and find out how you can go about it yourself. Just you, your coffee, water and filter set.

  1. Cost Effective


Okay, there might not be anything really that’s cheaper than instant coffee, however, when you take it you know deep down your ingesting far from the real thing. That fancy electronic maker often time fails and needs replacing, and you’ll need to break the bank to acquire and espresso machine (unless you want to turn your kitchen into a cafe of course), so why not try out pour over coffee. Not only is it nowhere near as expensive as the other two options as well as being considerably cheaper than purchasing coffee daily, but it will last you a very long time as well.

  1. Provides Cleaner Coffee


The pour over coffee technique is arguably one of the purest and cleanest ways of both making and drinking coffee. No residue is left in your cup or mug. This is in large part because the water isn’t fully immersed nor is it dripped. Around 200F water is what you pour into your cone, stir briefly and a couple of minutes later you get your finished product entirely drained into your cup. You’ll probably be taken aback the first time you try this coffee if you are and have been a true coffee lover.

  1. More Efficient If You’re Only In Search Of One Cup


We’re sure there are plenty of times all you really want is one cup of joe, right? You don’t want to have to leave your space to only buy one cup, however, you also don’t want to have to brew a whole pot either. What to do? Well, why not get some pour over coffee. Whether it’s French Press or drip pot you’re using to prepare your coffee, you’ll occasionally have excess caffeine or significant waste. With pour over coffee, you won’t have to worry about all this. You’ll get exactly how much you need.



Pour over coffee is taking over the whole world in general. It’s fast becoming very popular all across the globe. If you’re a true coffee lover then you definitely have to get yourself in the game. You’re missing out big time. You can literally start brewing your personal coffee today using this technique. Why not get started? You won’t regret it.


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