Healthy Eats Diet Delivery Review

Real Talk. I’m in a blogging blogger mood right now and willing to write 20+ worth of backlogs in one day.  Anyway, despite my love for my regular diet delivery service; I paused for a week because there are days I’m so busy I don’t get to eat my meals at work. Then I paused for another week, to try another one just for the sake of trying so I agreed to try Healthy Eats. Well according to them, they are…

What is Healthy Eats?

  • It is a 7 day – diet gourmet meal program created by Chef Jam Melchor that is served in a box delivered at your doorsteps. Three (3) meals: BREAKFASTLUNCHDINNER and a SNACKthat is made from scratch with the use of organic and sustainable ingredients. Low Fat, Low Sodium and No MSG. All meals are calorie counted. 

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I got to try their 1,200 calorie for a week but only got photos of the 3-day food because I got booked with a lot of eating out that I wasn’t able to eat my meals for Wednesday and Friday.  

Day 1

  • Ham and Egg Multigrain
  • Chicken Roulade + Side Salad
  • Orange
  • Tropical Chicken

Day 2

  • Meditterranean Muesli
  • Smoked Fish Putanesca
  • Watermelon
  • Pork Pistou + Red Rice

Day 3

  • Tuna Multigrain
  • Vegetable Parmegiana
  • Low Calorie Swiss Roll
  • Sweet and Sour Fish + Red Rice

Overall Experience

Now despite proper handling and refrigeration of my food for Monday, my chicken roulade tastes so sour I discovred it was spoiled already. I quickly texted Healthy Eats and they responded naman with an apology and that it will not happen again. I mentioned I was allergic to Cilantro but my Thai Noodles still had cilantro. I got sad. As much as I would like to post a raving review, I found the dishes to be bland and ordinary. That’s in my taste ha. Everyone has different taste buds.

Price List and How to Order

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