Oh Yeah. A Tokyo Bubble Tea Review (Eastwood)

#KikaySiKatEats Tokyo Bubble Tea at Eastwood <3 (Review)
I started to enjoy doing videos of me eating, doing my makeup or just plainly having fun. Nothing serious. I wanted to let you see my personality shine through those videos because sometimes pictures can only say so much. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what more with videos right?
If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, it’s no surprise for you to know how much I FREAKING LOVE MILK TEA AND JAPANESE FOOD. After 1 minute of writing this I got distracted setting up my runes in the most addictive game ever, Summoner’s War. LOL.  Hold on, let me continue.
I got invited for several Tokyo Bubble Tea blogger’s events now, and I had to reject every single one of them not because I don’t want to go, but because my time doesn’t allow me to. Contrary to most online personalities, besides blogging, I have a full-fledged full-time job, and I’m also a hands-on mommy. So my time to go event hopping is very very limited. Thankfully, Tokyo Bubble Tea finally understood my situation and invited me to come over visit on any branch and any time I am free. (Thank you!). Let’s start with the actual food review shall we? Let’s begin with a video!

This summer, they have the Sakura JCC Milk Tea and Sakura Bento Trays special. Food and drinks specially laced with the beautiful pink flower.
Sakura JCC Milk Tea – 155php M / 165php L
What I love most about Tokyo Bubble Tea’s JCC milk teas is that their cheese topping, literally tastes like cheesecake. It’s not too sweet, not too salty, but absolutely creamy it’s addicting! I always order an extra slop of this baby when I order their milk teas. Their tea is brewed perfectly so your milk tea will never taste watery, unlike most tea shops nowadays. You can definitely taste the quality.
The Sakura flavoring of the JCC added a unique flavor on the cheese, it tickles your taste buds and awakening new neurons on your brain because this is something really new.

Well, writing this post is maki-ng me so hungry!
Sakura Bento Hamburger Tray – 388php / bento
For 388php, you get 2 large pieces of tempura shrimp, a juicy beef burger patty, salad, miso, soup, 3 pcs of sakura maki, and japanese fried rice.They say this serves one but John and I was challenged to finish everything! It was very filling. The burger was grilled to perfection and was not overcooked. I love how when authentic beef is cooked, you can really taste the flavor. The tempura, like I mentioned in the video earlier is big and breading not to thick. Although it could use more flavor. I love the Kani salad though! The combination of mango and crabs is perfect.
Their miso soup is like any miso soup. I think Japanese restaurants have this Miso soup template no?
It’s nice that their fried rice is not oily and just complements with the main dishes. I don’t like it when rice tastes like ulam on its own.
My favorite, the dressing is like a combination of fruity and savory. Everything blends well together. Pang-alis umay din.
This is supposed to be 3 pieces, I ate the other one before taking a photo. LOL so hungry.
Ah.. the foamy cheese.. making me want to visit their again right now.

You know what? While I’m writing this. I actually have plans of visiting Tokyo Bubble Tea Eastwood later this afternoon and eat their Sakura Bento and chug on their creamy JCC Milk Tea because it’s that good! This is one of my favorite milk tea places (proooomisssseeeee, check nyo pa IG ko hahaha -> heyitsmekaycee)
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!  Please show some love by doing the following:
Take care beautiful person. Come again soon! – Kaycee
What do you think of my new video vlogging mukbang thing? Where is your favorite milk tea place? Leave a comment I’d love to know what you think!






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