bambini colognes (1)
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Here’s Why We’re Loving the New Bambini Colognes! (A Review)

bambini colognes (1)
bambini colognes (1)

Are you feeling the summer heat already? It’s almost April *cough my birthday month* and I’m switching my usual heavy perfumes to something more light & fresh. Macho kid and I were scouting for baby colognes and the cute packaging from Bambini caught our eye! It seems like they did an upgrade no?

We did a sampling of each cologne, picked our favorites, and tried it on! How do they fare and what does each cologne smell like?


Let #machokid and I help you with our Bambini Cologne Review!


Bambini Cologne Variants


L-R: Ocean Kisses, Sunny Playtime, Morning Tickles, Starry Lullaby, Cotton Cuddles


Price: 125ml 60.75php, 50ml 30.50, 25ml 16.75


Ocean Kisses


Ocean Kisses just like its name smells aquatic. Just like you’ve stepped out of the shower after swimming! The scent of sea and wind. Cool.


Sunny Playtime


Sunny playtime depicts sweet and citrusy


Morning Tickles


Morning tickles smell like the pinkest flowers you can find


Starry Lullaby


I get whiffs of lavender and plums with Starry Lullaby. I recon it’s perfect to apply at night time after shower before going to bed! Such a relaxing scent!


Cotton Cuddles


Cotton Cuddles is Geof’s favorite. It’s light lang daw and reminds him of morning dew and melons. Not too fruity nor floral. The perfect in between.


Bambini Cologne Review

Here’s what we love:

  • It has a gentle and non-irritating formula
  • Variety of fragrance and their significant difference from one another
  • Long lasting freshness of fragrance
  • Cute kid-friendly no-spill packaging
  • Super affordable!

Here’s what could be improved:

  • Hmm… maybe a jumbo size? XD


Final Thoughts:


Looks like Morning Tickles will be my staple this summer. Geof’s scent of choice is Cotton Cuddles. He’ll be using it everyday kasi it’s perfect for both playtime and school! Let us know if you’ve tried Bambini Colognes na din! 🙂






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