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HONEST REVIEW: Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream | (2024)

I’m baaaaaaaack! Did you miss my skincare reviews? Well I’ve got good news for you. I received a bunch of skin tone-up creams, instant white creams, and finishing creams these past few months. That I decided; Hey why not work as the usual test guinea pig for my readers again?  Instead of letting the products rot in my closet. First up on my list is Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream and my honest to goodness thoughts on the product.

Scroll up to the bottom for the juicy reviews and awesome before & after photos


Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream


According to Seoul White.. 

It’s a non-sticky tone up milky cream with whitening arbutin, bearberry, white strawberry, and donkey milk (whaaaat?!)

Ms. Kikay, what’s a tone-up cream?

The phrase “tone-up” describes exactly what the product does: clarify your skin tone. Tone-up products are specifically made to balance and brighten skin tone as well as fight hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

Active Ingredients:

  • Arbutin – A chemical used to lighten skin pigmentation
  • Bearberry – Has high levels of arbutin that blocks tyronase that produces melanin discoloration
  • White Strawberry – Has high concentrations of vitamin C that helps build collagen, minimize occurence of acne, and lightening pigmentation
  • Donkey Milk – This is a new ingredient sighting for me! Has 4x the amount of vitamin C than cow’s milk. Has proteins and essential minerals that’s hydrating and brightening, and it’s believed to help with eczema, acne, and psoriasis.


Spread over face and neck until fully absorbed. I generously use a large pea-sized for my face as pictured below. I use this every morning.


Seoul White Tone-Up Cream: Before & After


Seoul White Tone-Up Cream Review


Price – 299php
Packaging – It comes in a 20g squeeze tube
Texture – Thick cream that has no shimmer
Scent – Smells like yummy strawberries
Does it work? Yes it does.


  • Instantly brightens skin tone, as in it works the minute you put it on (as seen on my photos)
  • Does not have SPF so your face does not look ghostly even under camera flash
  • Has long term brightening effects
  • Donkey milk seems to be working for me. It doesn’t aggravate my skin
  • Smells yummy, good enough to eat (but dont! hehe)
  • Helped lighten my acne marks within 2 weeks of daily usage
  • Great for oily skin because it dries matte. Not greasy.
  • The slim and fuss-free packaging makes it convenient to bring for travel


  • The extra thick texture makes it a bit difficult to blend on skin. I have combination skin and I needed extra friction for it to look even.


Final Thoughts

I wonder if I can also use this during night time? If you’re beginning your chok-chok adventure, this is a great product to try. Do not expect glassy skin because this product is shimmer free. Perfect for ladies if you have oily skin. I notice most chok-chok creams are heavy and a bit on the greasy side. This one dries up matte. It just leaves your skin brighter not oilier.


Where to buy?

You can get yours at Sample Room! What’s great about Sample Room is that you can get FREE samples. Try the product before you actually buy it




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