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How 42 Manic Panic Hair Colors Will Actually Look Like On Your Head

Now if you’re like me you really can’t decide which hair color to choose.. This is the complete list and swatches of Manic Panic Hair Colors Available. This is how they will actually look like on yours and on my hair. Depends on the level of bleaching it has experienced. I curated these photos myself as reference because I’ve been playing round with my hair color for a few years now and one of my favorite brands to color my hair is Manic Panic? Why? Here are 2 reasons:

  • 1. It is not damaging, it even conditions my bleached hair
  • 2. It lasts a few weeks. As little as 2-3 weeks only, with my ADHD and impulsiveness, my hair color changes as quickly as my mood

I order my Manic Panic hair coloring kit from Funky Streaks or DIY Hair PH (you can find them on instagram)

After Midnight


Atomic Turquoise


Bad Boy Blue


Blue Moon


Blue Steel


Cleo Rose


Cotton Candy Pink


Deep Purple Dream


Electric Amethyst


Electric Banana


Electric Lava


Electric Lizard


Electric Tiger Lily


Enchanted Forest


Fuschia Shock


Green Envy


Hot Hot Pink




Infra Red


Lie Locks


Mystic Heather


New Rose


Pillarbox Red


Plum Passion


Pretty Flamingo


Psychedelic Sunset


Purple Haze




Red Passion


Rockabilly Blue


Rock and Roll Red


Shocking Blue


Siren’s Song




Ultra Violet


Vampire Red


Vampire’s Kiss


Venus Envy


Violet Night


Virgin Snow


Voodoo Blue




Which hair color did you like? I’m leaning towards Voodoo Blue! Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share to your friends as reference! 🙂
Disclaimer: Photos are owned by Manic Panic Japan, all credits goes to them