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How I Got Purple Ombre for My Short Hair

Will you judge me that I’m shallow if I told you one of my small dreams is to have purple ombre hair? I’ve had green hair, pink hair, blonde, and even gray (that didn’t work out so well for me) and then went back to being a brunette. After 3 months I got bored being a pure brunette and wanted to kick things up a notch. Why not have purple ombre for my short hair? The question is, where and how. I’ve always done DIY when it comes to coloring but for bleaching my hair, I only trust few salons and one of them is Vivere Salon.

Continue scrolling to see the transformation and also my VLOG!

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Yay! Here’s my full feature video on how I got my purple ombre goals for my short hair and where I got it. More details on my blog post (I’ll put the link later, still writing.. LOL internet here in the Philippines is so darn slowwww) Thank you Vivere Salon for always getting my hair goals on point <3
Posted by Kikay si Kat on Friday, March 4, 2016
This is my hair before. I dyed it DIY using Revlon Color Silk in Black Brown. It was initially black but after a few months it faded into this gorgeous brown color with highlights… It’s good but you know me, I eventually got bored.


I preferred an ombre/dip dye because it is less outrageous than a full blown funky color. Fun colors link purple, pink, blue and pastel shades fade after a few weeks naman so I can always change to a new color in case I get bored again. Also when getting an ombre like this one, bleaching can do SEVERE damage on your hair. It will literally kill your hair because it removes all the pigment. This has to be done so that the colors will show up nicely. If we bleach the tips, we don’t regret too much because we don’t kill off our entire hair LOL.
It took around 3 hours to bleach it until level 10 then another 30 minutes to add in the purple color. I’m so happy kasi I’ll be able to do pastel shades in the future or even silver! 3 hours is a long time, good thing they have fast Wi-Fi, a lot of outlets to plug your gadgets in and they serve you free drinks 🙂 Very friendly staff here at Vivere Salon in Megamall.

With my main stylist Hector and assistant stylist Mel. I highly recommend Hector if you want something in particular because before he does it on your hair, he tries it on his friends LOL. He even showed me colors to choose from that he tried on his staff.You’re in good hands with him that’s for sure!

 *drools* Oh yeah I’m such a narcissist I drool on my own hair hohoho
 I’m. So. Happy.
Kung maka-watermark naman tong si Kaycee LOL
What do you guys think?! If you want the exact purple ombre as I have now, it will cost you just 3,500 (short hair) – 4,200 (long hair). I’ve been to other salons and 3,500 is affordable considering how challenging it is to achieve hair perfection. I’m definitely coming back! (Maybe for hair treatments? LOL)


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