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How to: Exercise Anywhere – Bodyweight Exercises and Multiple Gym Membership


I’m not just fitness enthusiast. I’m a gym rat and certified fitness addict. I’ve been one after giving birth to my son. I was determined to stay sexy regardless of being a mommy or growing oldI actually feel bad if I miss a workout session, the guilt is real. At the time of this writing; I was in a car accident and with a lot of bruises and sprains I was stuck at home almost disabled. I was forced to rest. I am now able to walk, grip, and do light bodyweight exercises you can do at home just like I do. No weights needed.
This is also a story on how you can push yourself to exercise anywhere. Gym or at-home.
click to enlarge the body weight exercise chart
This is the best bodyweight exercise infographic I found online so I decided to share it with you guys. Look how complete it is. It has charts and images for the abs, quads, glutes, triceps, biceps, back, and chest. There is one part missing though. Calve exercises. This can easily be done by calve raises (tip-toeing) 2 seconds up 2 seconds down. That’s the basic.

I’m currently doing these in round 20-50 reps per exercise per area. I just choose 1 exercise per area.

When I was still okay, a few months ago I stayed with my family in lipa. I was used to going to Fitness First because of their complete facilities but I was itching to go to the gym so my sister took me to her home gym, Mediatrix Weight Management Center in Lipa City Batangas.

If you’re a guest like I am it costs 150php/day. I think they have on-going promos if you’re from there and it’s 50% off if you get monthly.

The place is very clean, there’s a changing rom and have ample amout of barbells and plates. This surprised me as it’s very small. It looks like it only has a capacity of 10 maximum users inside. I went there on a Saturday afternoon and there are only 3 of us there and 2 fitness instructors. It’s not a “bakal-gym” and it seems very safe for women like me.
I made this post not just as a reminder for myself but to to anyone who’s reading this. We should not have any excuses not to stay fit. Regardless of location or stature. I’m hoping to recover from my sprains and bruises as I miss lifting barbells and heavy weights so so much!

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