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How Painful is Having a Tattoo? KikaysiKat Gets Inked at Ink Asia

Last night was different. We were so decided on getting one, we scoured Metro Manila (thru google of course) to find a good Tattoo Parlor in Metro Manila that is open up until the late hours of night, have good artists, and isn’t overpriced; and after hours of searching the web, it was then that he remembered a secluded tattoo parlor near Boni MRT. We had no idea if they were good or not, so we looked at their facebook page to view their artists’ work.


We were impressed and convinced that we scheduled a tattoo session at that very moment. I had a mixture of emotions from fear, excitement, anxiety, and bliss. All sorts of things ran through my head. Will it hurt? Will I twitch a lot and completely ruin my first tattoo? What if they don’t get my design right? But my gut told me I can do it and it was the right thing to do at that moment.
Trying to keep a straight face. Nah, it’s actually tolerable to the point that you can find pleasure on how it feels sometimes.

Upon arriving the shop, the whole staff was warm and friendly. You could tell it was real and sincere. They were real people. The artists are funny and cool too. You could tell they know their craft. Our assigned artist that day was Pat. Our designs are both quill. You know? The ones that classic writers used. It was meaningful for us because besides that both John and I are both writers; he has an ink tattoo on his hand that when placed beside my arm, it shows a pair of quill and ink. We complement each other. Mine has birds transforming which means being free.

Shading felt like extreme vibration with occasional needle pricks.


From a scale of 1-10. I can rate it at 5. Getting a tattoo on the arm area is less painful than getting laser on your underarms, and even less painful than getting a brazillian wax. So if you can do both things, getting tattoo would be easy peasy. Since it’s a thousand needle pricks done on your skin so fast, all you can feel is the vibration from the tattoo gun rather than the prick. Yes, it does hurt, but after a few minutes, you know it’s painful but you can do it anyways. Now I know what people get tattoos, and why they can’t just get just one. The pricks give a certain feeling of pleasure.
Loving the finished result.

A tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin. It should be well thought off and given time. You should find right artists to do the job because if an artist does a bad job, it will be difficult to re-make and fix you tattoo. My first experience was quite nice and uneventful. I think I’ll be getting another one soon enough 🙂

Let me hear your thoughts. What do you think of tattoos?


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