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REVIEW: MET Tathione Glutathione Review July 2014 UPDATE

Verdict is up! After more than a month of trying out MET Tathione Glutathione here is my detailed review for my readers!

I updated my review.  You guys deserve an honest to goodness opinion!

What’s New in MET Tathione?

MET Tathione is one of the pioneer and popular glutathione pill available in the market today. They recently re-formulated their product with an additional ingredient called Algatrium.

But what is Algatrium? According to


Algatrium is a nutritional ingredient consisting of DHA that
stimulates the cell antioxidant activity. Algatrium has the same
structure of natural oil – extracted from fish – and therefore when
ingested it is considered a food ingredient and cosmetic when applied on
the skin. Of all Omega 3 oils in the market, Algatrium contains the
highest DHA levels.

What does this mean?

It only means that they’ve added Omega 3 DHA in their supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids has a lot of skincare benefits such as anti-inflammatory (for pimples) and keeping skin soft and supple. Just like most fish oil supplements provide. The good thing is they included it in their product so we don’t need to take a separate fish oil supplement.

Does it work?

Yes.  MET Tathione actually has one of the purest and cleanest forms of glutathione out in the market. It’s also made in Japan so we can be assured of it’s quality. But since it does not have vit. C included, you still have to take a separate dose of vitamin C for it to be most effective. Remember the post where I mentioned you can whiten your skin with vitamin C alone?
It also has a really small amount of 200mg so you have to take 3 capsules in order for it to work. So a month’s supply would cost you more than 3000php. 


Reduced Glutathione 200mg
Algatrium 100mg
Vitamin E 15mg
Olive Oil 160.9mg
Fish Gelatin 137.3mg
Other ingredients 96.8mg

Total 710mg

Will I recommend it?

No.  It’s overpriced and over hyped. It’s nothing really special other than they really got famous already white skinned celebrity to model for their brand. It’s glutathione.  
There are more affordable glutathione brands in the market that works the same,  even better than this one.  Don’t waste your money. 
Since I continuously use glutathione, there is not much difference I can show you compared my initial before/after

skin whitening products are available at Mercury drug, Watsons,
Southstar, Rose Pharmacy, Shopwise drugstore, and other leading
drugstores nationwide. 

Met Tathione softgel (bottle of 60s) – P2,695.00
MET Tathione softgel in dual pack (2 capsules) – P90
Met C (500mg Sodium Ascorbate) – P397.50
Met Soap – P398.00

You can visit my Best Glutathione Reviews page to find the right supplement for you *wink*


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