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How To Deal With The Changes That Come With Losing Weight

You have worked hard to lose those extra pounds from your waistline and you have finally achieved your goal. It feels great and it’s okay if you want to celebrate. But apart from you feeling lighter, there are various other changes that come with losing weight. In fact, no one will warn you about most of them, you will have to experience them for yourself and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. But no need to worry, we are going to share with you how to deal with some of them in this article. Keep reading!

Body Changes

While losing weight brings in various positive body changes, there a few negative ones that might become visible right after. And this includes:


Appearance of stretch marks: if you had stretch marks before, they might become more visible now that your skin isn’t stretched. Use some stretch marks cream to fade them off from around the thighs, stomach and arms. But the most prominent of them all is varicose veins. These are visible veins from under the skin and are normally swollen and twisted. This can make you very uncomfortable, but you can choose to embrace them. If not, then going through the ultimate vein guide will help you understand the various available treatment options.


The sagging of the skin; this comes as a result of the body losing too much fat all at once. It mainly happens around the arms and stomach. You can correct this with some muscle toning exercises or opt for a skin tucking surgery. Whichever works for you, just do it.

Running High Of Emotions

Yes, you sure are excited about your new body, but that doesn’t mean you will immediately get over that “fat” image you have been holding about yourself for so long. You might find it difficult to view yourself differently or can’t even seem to probably handle the new-found attention. It’s unsettling, to say the least. Speak out about how you feel. You can share with your loved ones or a mental health professional. The affirmation will give you confidence.

Mixed Reactions From People

Achieving your set weight-loss goals surely calls for a celebration. You worked hard for it and family and friends are much aware of it. They will for sure compliment you. But don’t expect that from everyone else. Some will even criticism you and say mean things out of sheer jealousy or harbored rage and this can be hard to handle especially if they can’t mince their words. Avoid such people and if possible cut them completely from your circle. You don’t need such negative energy around you. And above all, don’t take it personally, they aren’t worth it.

Causing Tension

Losing weight also means making necessary lifestyle changes and this includes your meal plans. But it’s good if you remember not everyone in our house is on an “eating healthy” mission. So avoiding ordering or preparing some types of foods such as fries, can lead to disagreements especially if this used to be your get-together activity. You can still redeem the situation by finding something else to enjoy together. For instance, explore new recipes or join some sports club. Anything that helps you spend more time together should be good enough.

Anyone who has been in a weight loss mission, knows very well how difficult it’s to achieve the set goals. So it’s only right that you celebrate your success when you finally do. But sometimes things don’t happen the way you anticipate. You will still have to deal with some changes in your daily life. For example, you will have to learn how to counter the various “negative” body changes, and the mixed emotions/reactions.









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