How to Have Smaller Face Without Surgery at Skin Philosophie Clinic (BGC, Fort Strip)


Are you curious what treatments the celebrities are doing to achieve their symmetrical and well-contoured faces? How did they manage to get a smaller face, no double chins, and a well-defined jawline? I initially thought they did invasive facial surgeries to do it! Because of my muscle and bone structure, my chin lacks definition and my face doesn’t register too well in photos. Like most of us, we have to find our perfect angle to get that flattering shot. Thank goodness there’s Intra-Therma Face & Neck Sculpting (also known as RF, Thermage, etc) The more symmetrical we are, the “prettier” we appear. Hehe hey that’s why I’m a fan of Happy Skin’s Feeling Sculptacular!

While we can’t change it 100%, there is a way to improve our facial symmetry, in only 1 session, and the change lasts up to 1 year. AMAZING. It works right after treatment, and will significantly improve further after 1 week, then 1 month into progression. My before and after photos at the end of this post.

Kikaysikat says:  I know, some of you might comment that everyone is beautiful in her own way. I understand that. However, society dictates otherwise. Everyone is superficial. We can’t blind ourselves in believing that beauty has no standard. There is. We are always being judged every single day. There is bias in our society where the more beautiful gets better treatment. Girls who are bullied because of their appearances suffer. We cannot change society, but we can change ourselves for the better. We are improving our appearance not for others but for us.


As we hit our 30s, the skin starts to appear
more loose and towards our 40s, the sagging becomes more pronounced giving the
face and neck deeper folds and drooping bulges.  The machine utilized in
the procedure delivers focused radiofrequency (RF) energy that reaches the
deeper layers of the skin.  It helps
improve the appearance of aging skin by contouring the face and neck while
smoothing out problem areas like deep nasolabial folds and Marionette lines,
bulging jowls, ill-defined jawlines, and “turkey” neck among others. 

 There is already a visible improvement right
after the treatment.  And the great news
is that there will be continuous skin tightening and lifting in the succeeding
weeks to a few months as collagen remodeling takes place.   In addition, the effects last long enough
that the treatment is done only once or twice a year.  


Intra-Therma Face & Neck Sculpting at Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic & Lifestyle Solutions starts at 15,000php but can cost higher depending on how large the area that needs to be treated is. It’s better if you go to Dr. Kyla and ask for her recommendations! She’s super nice and down to earth. Consultation is free too!


Doc Kyla asked me if I have low pain tolerance, and I said I’m perfectly fine with pain *while showing my tats hehe* because some ladies experience an intense burning sensation that some “scream” and ask for pauses.
What do I think? I had it done at level 3 and it only felt like your skin is inside a hot sauna. You can feel the warmth of the radio frequency machine seep through. 



The Intra-Therma Face & Neck Sculpting Process


 Dr. Kyla Talens, MD, DCD, MSC  mentioned I will still notice significant improvements over the next few weeks so I’ll keep you guys updated after 1 month. The results are magical. The effect is sooooo good I’m willing to pay to get this treatment over and over. I had doubts with non invasive procedures before, but this is proof that they work.
You have to be careful in choosing where to get your RF treatments. You need an expert with a good eye for facial symmetry to do this. Dr. Kyla is very meticulous on the process to make sure everything is perfectly aligned.
Left: Before Right: After

Can you see?! From a mushy face to something more structured. I can see my chin now!I can’t wait too see the results after 1 month!
After 1 month


Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic & Lifestyle Solutions, The Fort Strip, 3rd Level, 28th Street cor. 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    Landmark: The same commercial facility where Fitness First at the Fort is located. 

Dr. Nikita Kyla M. Talens Profile


  • Chynn

    Wahh im interested trying their products. Already checked their ig account! Wouldn't come across their account if not for your review! Thanks 🙂

  • Chynn

    Yeahh saw it in their ig account! Ms Kat, can you recommend products that can whiten my knees? Uneven skintone sucks. As i notice my legs/arms lighten up when im using whitening soaps, my knees/elbows seems really darker. i haven't found a product that can lighten my knees,elbows at the same time with my arms and legs:( Please help. Thanks. And a product for bacne?

  • kikaysikat

    Hi Chynn!
    Abonne Spa Milk Salt Scrub!
    This can help your rough elbows, knees, etc.
    This can also help with your bacne! (medyo mahapdi)

    Don't scrub too hard ha! Gentle lang, and leave it on for 5 minutes 🙂

  • Yuri

    Yung whitening po ba nila effective? I kinda doubt buying their products kasi konti lang po feedbacks nila. What can you say po ate?

  • kikaysikat

    Hmm.. I haven't tried it long enough to see whitening effect. Pero it didn't give me bad reactions naman like pimples so you can give it a try

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