Kawaii Must-Haves! BDJ Box for January-February 2015

Best in late nanaman ako! Hahaha while almost everyone has posted about their BDJ Box for January-February 2015 Kawaii Must-Haves experience, here I am, crammingly writing on a weekend šŸ™‚ How are you doing by the way? Someone hacked into my instagram account and there’s a lot of trolling and flame baiting going on that I finally decided to go silent and undercover for a while until the flame dies down to ashes. There’s so much hate in the world already, let’s not add to it. This is the risk of us bloggers and public figures online, you never know when you’ll be the apple of the eye of the trolls.  
MOVE ON. Speaking of moving on, let’s head to the topic!  (o diba segue)
Ladies, everything you see here is 580php only. All full-sizes of some of the best japanese beauty products you can try. From powder foundation, hair serum, blush-on, eyeshadow, sunblock and even a huge bottle of cleanser (my favorite). Oh they have a mini magazine too where there’s chunks of info on how to look KAWAIIII

Kikaysikat Says: Kawaii means cute in japanese ^_- 

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion 419php
See that blue bottle over there? That’s my empty bottle of Bifesta. You got it right. EMPTY. This product is soooooo perfect for busy and lazy people like I am because it’s a cleanser, makeup remover, toner, and moisturizer in one. I use it on most nights that I’m so tired to wash my face na. I just get around 3 cotton pads and swipe on my face and neck and tada, so fresh and so clean. I don’t even know why I forgot to write a feature on it. Laziness? HAHAHAHA

Lucido-L Hair Styling Products – 219php per bottle

I like the yellow version  best! I actually emptied a tube of  the Lucido-L Accuenting Milk last year when I had short and curly hair. It gives volume to thin hair like mine. You just need 1 pump of product then bend forward, apply from the roots, scruff scruff scruff. Toss your hair around and poof, volume!

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus Sunblock – 495php

I gave this too my colleague because I have too many sunblocks na at home. I regret doing so, because I found a lot of great reviews about this product, some even use this as their makeup base or primer. 

Pixy Blush in Passion Roses 04 – 345php

If you’re looking for a safe blush that you can use on a daily basis from work, to doing the groceries or going shopping at the mall, this is it. It’s a muted dusty rose color that looks flattering on all skintones. It’s actually residing in my kikay kit as of now because it’s fool-proof. It’s easy to apply using brush or fingers, it blends well, and it lasts fairly long (5 hours tops)

Pixy Eyeshadow – 315php

You can click here to visit my full review of Pixy’s eyeshadow. Like all japanese eyeshadows, these are made of excellent pigment and blends buttery smooth.

Pixy UV 2-Way Whitening Foundation in Fair – 275php

Pixy UV Whitening Pressed Powder Lasting Compact in Fair – 325php

They’re not my shade šŸ™ It’s too pink-tone for my neutralness liking. I prefer the texture of the 2-way whitening foundation than the lasting compact. The puff in the compact is useless too so I just threw it away.  Ooopsies! That’s the end of my post na pala. I hope you enjoyed reading my lengthy and overly dramatic review of the box. As well as my personal musings. Tralalala šŸ™‚

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