How to Make a Restaurant Quality Cup of Coffee at Home

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world, people enjoy it so much that coffee machines have become one of the most embraced home appliances. The real challenge in making quality brew lies in the fact that different people love their drink to taste differently. What may be too thick for you may be just fine for some other people. So, you can only make the drink to your taste or to suit your family’s taste.


This article offers a few coffee making tips that will always cut it.


The quality of your coffee machine matters

In every profession, you can’t deliver great services with low quality or obsolete equipment. That’s why big corporations spare no expense on technology driven equipment. Coffee making is not different. You can’t simply get high quality brews from low quality machines. The most important tip here is getting a good machine. Reading through some home coffee machine reviews would be a good place to start before getting one for yourself. Take the time to study the pros and cons of each machine and you may also see users’ comments on them.

Go for fresh beans always

It is usually in its best form within a few days of being roasted. So, if you have the time, you can roast yours or buy it from a local roaster. It may not be advisable to buy a well packaged one from a supermarket as you don’t know how long it has been there. You should also understand that exposure to bright light as well as oxygen rids coffee of its flavor. So, after roasting yours, shield it away from oxygen and bright light.


Select Arabica over Robusta

There are two major types of beans and they are Arabica and Robusta. Many people do not know the difference between them. Arabica offers a wider range of flavors and it is adjudged to be better than Robusta by experts. So, always purchase 100% pure Arabica beans or something close to it. On the other hand, Robusta is more addictive because it has higher caffeine content and its flavors are said to be harsh. However, it is much cheaper. You may opt for Robusta beans if you are not keen on high quality and great taste.

Grind your beans

One challenge with coffee is that it starts to lose its quality immediately after grinding. So, you will get the best taste from your coffee immediately after grinding it.

Use good water

If the water that runs from your faucets has any taste, it will take its toll on your brew. You don’t want to ruin your hard work at the final stage. Furthermore, nothing ruins coffee’s taste faster than chlorine from tap water. Your best bet is to use bottled spring water. As an alternative, you may also install charcoal/carbon filters on your taps.


If you have been purchasing packaged ground coffee and you think it’s cool, taking a brew from freshly ground freshly roasted beans will make you realize that what you have been drinking is not coffee. Quality does not come cheap. If you want quality, you’ve got to pay for it – sometimes in cash, sometimes in efforts, and sometimes in both. If you want Starbucks- quality coffee, you got to pay for it in cash and efforts.

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