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5 Home Items That Have Replaced Multiple Devices

Technology has, is and will be changing the face of the average home. If we look at the changes over the last few decades it’s really staggering to think of some of the technological advances made in our own homes. The home-owner of the 1980s would be astounded at the (from their point of view) futuristic tools and toys we have at our disposal. One trend is that we now have many items that do the jobs of several in a home of the past.

Smart Speaker

Such as a Google Home, Amazon Echo & others.

What do they replace:

Radio: The most common use of the smart speaker in our house is to play radio stations or podcasts, which, let’s be honest, are just on-demand radio stations.

Stereo System: Similar to the radio stations the kids would never consider taking a CD or LP and playing music that way, just ask the lady that lives in the little box in the corner of the room.

Shopping List: We use our smart speaker to create shopping lists and then they can be easily accessed via our phones when in the shop, no more forgetting the list and trying to remember!

Gaming Console

Xbox One or Playstation 4 are for more than just video games

What do they replace:

Gaming System: Obviously, one of their key roles are still gaming

Satellite or Cable TV System: Almost any TV or on demand service is available on these platforms, meaning no more multiple boxes under the TV.

VCR: As with the above point, no-one records or watches videos anymore, it’s all on the cloud.

Drinks Machine

Coffee or Drinks Machine

What do they replace:

Coffee Maker:Such As Ninja Coffee Bar system which will replace ‘coffee maker, espresso machine and any iced beverage contraption you may have with one reasonably compact system’

The Kettle: Any hot drink can be done from these machines as they provide boiling water as well

Smart Phone

iPhone, Samsung or various other Android devices

What do they replace:

Walkman: Every modern phone pretty much can play MP3 files as a minimum as well as Spotify Apple Music etc.

Personal Organiser: With diary and reminders as standard on most devices and the easy sync facilities with other devices makes having a paper diary the thing of the past.

Camera & Camcorder: With a high quality HD or higher camera on every handset when was the last time you saw a home video camera? Even picture cameras are rare other than for the few who have made a hobby out of photography.

Smart Home & The Future

Just a quick note for the future and how these devices may even integrate further as the years go on and they already have in some regards. We are seeing the emergence of a whole smart home where everything is controlled by one hub or controller. Some newly built homes are being designed with this in mind or existing places can easily be adapted. The future is looking very minimalist.


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