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Holidaying in Coron For Single Moms!

If you’re a single mom and wondering where to holiday this season with your kids, well, why not go to Coron?  Well if you are wondering where that is, just google the place, and there would be plenty of information to educate you on what makes Coron an ideal location to holiday at. There is no need to take the stress of holidaying with your kid or kids as it can be an incredible experience traveling to Coron. All you need to do is book cheap flights online and start packing.

Whether you are single by choice or separation or a recent divorce, there is no reason why you cannot holiday like any other family. Moreover, Coron is just perfect and safe for a woman traveling solo or with her child. Make your plans early to take advantage of all those deals on airlines, hotels, or campsites.  Look for cheaper Coron to Manila flights that fit well within your budget. After all, holidays can be expensive, but it is a great way to bond with your child and discover the world around and each other.

Here is why Coron should be on your bucket list.

Coron is a beautiful and affordable destination – If you are to travel alone for the first time with your kid, why not pick a destination that is beautiful as well as affordable. And Coron fits the bill and boasts of the most breathtaking beaches and awesome scenery around.

Easy to communicate– As the Filipinos can converse in English, it would be easier for a solo female to understand the information and ask for directions as and when needed. Moreover, the locals are used to females traveling alone and interacting with them.

A wide range of accommodations– Coron fits the travel budget of all kind of travelers. Thus, if you are rich or here on a shoestring budget, you are going to have a gala time. All you need to do is find some great deals on hotel rooms and resorts.

Highlights of Coron -Some of the favorite spots in Coron are Twin Lagoon, CYC beach, Green Lagoon, Kayangan Lake Malcapuya Island. You can relax on the beaches, swim or snorkel with your family.

Beautiful nature and scenic spots– Explore those dense rain forests, coral reefs, and mangrove swamps with your child. You can book a tour to cover the significant spots and feel safer with a group. You will come across a wide array of flora and fauna and feel as if you are in a paradise on earth.

Exclusive dining and shopping – There are great shopping and dining areas in Coron where you can earn enjoy different cuisines with your kid. Enjoy shopping at Greenbelt and Glorietta Malls and have a great time together.

A couple of safety tips
Although Coron is perfectly safe for solo female travelers, one should always follow the rules and use their common sense. Thousands of visitors arrive here, and not all of them can be honest and trustworthy. So, just be more cautious when you come across strangers and be wary of locals who are looking to take advantage.  Be cautious about what you say to people you just met and remain constant in touch with your family and friends back home. Listen to your intuition and do not go there if something doesn’t feel right. Your family should have a copy of your itinerary.

Give your child and yourself a break and enjoy life. You need to have fun and discover something new about life, your family, and yourself. And Coron makes for a perfect choice!

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