How To Maximise the Daylight Without Compromising on the Design

Roof windows are the ideal way to add natural sunlight into a dark and dismal space. In some rooms they might be the only way. With an increase in popularity, roof windows have really come along way since those old, leaky designs. 

The design of a roof window is important to adding style to the inside and sometimes even the outside of your home. A lot of pitched roof windows can be seen from the outside of a house. Keylite Roof Windows can flood a room with daylight while not compromising the design. They even appear smooth against the roof from street level. 


Sometimes it is the roof itself that determines where a roof window is placed. If this is the case and it can only be placed in one space and of a certain size, the design of the window becomes very important. Locals often like to reach out to this roofing contractor in Milton, Washington who will shape the unit and roof to best suit their needs. Sometimes this means using a bespoke design that allows more light into the room rather than just being limited by standard sizes.

The roof window is going to survive more than one interior design fad. If it can be seen at street level, this is another consideration that goes into the roof window. A window that sits smooth on the roof will blend better than one that sticks out. A discreet window won’t sacrifice the amount of light entering through it. 

Glass Wall

A lot of people think of tiny windows when they think of roof windows. This isn’t always the case, although it can be if that’s what your roof calls for. 

A glass wall in a loft conversion is possible with pitched windows. Pitched windows are installed at an angle. If the loft conversion is being used for a bedroom, you’ll still be able to watch the snowfall from bed. Don’t forget the blinds, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, glass walls, whether on the roof or the side of the house aren’t good for privacy. Even in the middle of nowhere, you may want blinds to stop the sun waking you up far too early during the summer. 

Tiny Roof Windows

If you’re opting for a small window, or that’s all your roof will allow, sunlight can still be maximised. A roof window is going to add a light and airy feel to a space no matter what, even if tinting is a requirement on one small window. An opening roof window doesn’t take up more space than a fixed window. An open window looks even better in a dark and stuffy space. 

Some people get nervous about adding roof windows to their house. From the outside, they may not look pleasing but are needed on the inside. It tends to be the older windows that like look an eyesore. With the increase in popularity of roof windows, they’ve become very stylish, both inside and out. A window that closes smoothly against the roof instead of sticking out will look much better on the outside, while still flooding the inside space with daylight. Adding natural light to any room is a sure way to improve the atmosphere. 

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