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Travel Diary: Buhay OFW sa Singapore PART 3

Disclaimer: (This is Part 3 of a 3 Part OFW sa Singapore series). No you will not see breathtaking travel photos. This is my disclaimer. My memory of Singapore is blurry even. I’m writing my travel diary as an OFW in Singapore to keep memories before they are gone. I regret not taking enough photos to use in blogging. I was there to work, because I came there to “save” a marriage that should never be. I’ll write what I can. Even in short bursts of sentences. So do not expect as this is a personal musing than a travelog.

 This is PART 3 of a 3 Part Buhay OFW sa Singapore Series


After 5 months I got finally fed up. I applied online to Chevron Philippines to have a decent high paying job while staying with my baby. I took a risk, they  just called me in for an initial interview. I decided to quit my SG job and stay in the Philippines for good. My way back isn’t so smooth. I arrived during Habagat and got stranded in the airport overnight. I had to checkin to a random hotel in Makati just to be safe.


“breakfast buffet” in the Hotel. I was itching to go home but it was flood everywhere.



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  • MommyCharm

    This is my dilemma too. I wanted to save more money for my son pero that would mean leaving the country and my kid. Pag umandar talaga ang mommy side natin, iiwan lahat para sa anak =)

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