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Hydroxytyrosol – Whitening Supplement Ingredient


Olive oil polyphenols are important antioxidants (natural anti-inflammatories) found in highest concentrations in extra virgin olive oil. They are essential to an anti-inflammatory diet.
One of the most important components of olive oil is hydroxytyrosol, an extremely rare, highly potent polyphenol. Hydroxytyrosol can actually slow the aging process in the skin by stabilizing the part of the cell known as the cell plasma membrane.
Researchers worldwide find that diets rich in olive oil polyphenols are associated with healthier breast tissue, colon function, and cardiovascular function, and offer significant extra protection from secondary smoke and sun-related skin damage.A few of the benefits of a diet rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidant extra virgin olive oil include:

• Increases the skins ability to maintain moisture;
• decreases “bad cholesterol”;
• increases “good cholesterol”;
• helps intestinal absorption;
• helps gall bladder activity;
• lowers probability of gallstones;
• lowers blood pressure;
• decreases gastric acid secretion in ulcers;
• stimulates pancreas secretion;
• aids developing bone in children;
• prevents osteoporosis;
• lowers glucose levels in diabetics;
• reduces risk of prostate cancer; and
• reduces the risk of breast cancer
Olive oil polyphenols offer additional benefits when incorporated into topical formulations, including the following:
• The delivery of the polyphenol anti-oxidant benefits directly to the skin
• Provides an all-natural approach to the prevention of free-radical damage
• Minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles while it brightens and evens skin tone.
• Extremely gentle and non-irritating; safe for even the most sensitive skin
• Guards against signs of premature aging


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