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Rita’s Iced Custard Happiness at UP Town Center

The first time I tried Rita’s Iced Custard was at their Greenhills branch right after I had waxing at Bare Skin Waxing Salon. Oh boy, was it a treat on my tongue!

Address: Rita’s Italian Ice UP Town Center, Diliman
Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Rita’s Iced Custard Menu and Pricelist



Oo. May tinga pa ko ng Rub BBQ Ribs.
The combination of how thick, smooth, and creamy the vanilla custard resting on a flavored ice of your choice melts in your mouth. I chose the Smores shaved ice on my first try and I found it too sweet and it overpowers the custard so I told myself next time I’ll try a citrus or fresh flavor.


Different branches have different ice flavors depending on availability


I chose the sugar-free peach mango so that the highlight of my dessert is the custard.


You can opt between the following: custard only, custard with ice (gelati), custard blended with ice (blendini) or a parfait. I always go for the gelati. I also tried having the custard alone thinking it would be the best experience but nope, nakaka-umay din pala sya!  I highly recommend getting Rita’s Gelati ; custard with ice.


Rita’s Iced Custard stands out because it’s more than just tasting like your regular ice cream. It is thick, slow melting, and you can really taste the “egg yolk”. Similar to a flan’s creaminess.


I think right after Geof’s Sound of Music Play today I want to treat my family to Rub Ribs and then eat Gelati afterwards.


Rita’s Iced Custard is happiness. No doubt about it. I believe the hype!

Good thing both branches are a bit far from where I live. If Rita’s had a branch nearby I’d be morbidly obese because I’ll be having a cup everyday. It’s that good.
Hmm I think I’ll try Swedish Fish ice next time..
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