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Why Have You Been Posting Random Things?

Hello there ladies and gents. You may have noticed the past few days I’ve been posting randomly on different ingredients used in supplements, or topics that makes no sense at all. T. Well folks. I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve been doing a special experiment to determine how posting random thing will make KikaySiKat’s search rank go higher.

Apparently, it’s half success half failure. It’s a success because it does increase search engine visibility. It’s a failure because readers (meaning you) will get annoyed and think “What the hell is she talking about? It’s not slightly interesting at all? Where’s the person? Where’s the personality?”
There are a lot of things going in my head. A lot of backlog posts and strategies. But don’t worry, I will keep and maintain this blog as REAL as it can get for you as my readers. It’s you that I’m thankful for that you get to appreciate my reviews, stories, and thoughts. So thank you.
For the random things, you can ignore it, skip it, click it, view it. They’re basically just the ingredients of whitening supplements I’m trying to post one at a time for a HUGE project I’m starting.

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