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Hype this Look: GlamRock

It’s my first time to share something I wore in lookbook.. 🙂 Just wanted to keep a journal of what I wear when I try to wear something coordinated. So a slight disclaimer for the bad lighting, bad angle, small size and whatnots, I’ll try to improve as each look goes by.. hopefully!

I remember when I was in college and was sooo into fashion, we wore uniforms during the weekdays so when Saturday comes, I prepare my look with a theme and everything! 🙂 I miss those days and want to relive the “style” that I still have, hopefully.

If you sorta like this look. You can gimme some love and hype it

It’s kinda obvious where I wore this look. HAHA! Will post on Monday all about it 🙂 Weekends are my rest days

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