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Allue My First. Eyeshadow for Tweens Only!

Technically this is not my first eyeshadow duo.. that’s just the name of the product. I got this from the 88PHP shopping spree at HBC.

I actually got this for 44PHP


Yes folks, I did my best, under natural daylight to swatch the product. While it looks gorgeous on the pan, basic neutral brown shade for everyday, it hardly shows up even with multiple layering. The swatch right above has 5 layers of the eyeshadow.

The name “first eyeshadow” is perfect. This line of makeup is intended for tweens 🙂 So moms can feel safe when tweens use this as it won’t show up as much and they won’t look like a hoe. If you prefer
more pigmented eyeshadows you should try their San-san line which is intended for adults like us *wink*

If it sells for 44php, I will buy it again to give as gifts to my tween relatives. For those who don’t know what tween means its short for in between. Not yet a teen, but not a kid anymore :p


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