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Manang’s Chicken.. It Tastes Better Everytime!

People are raving about this chicken from Manang’s Chicken recently on how this is the better version of Bon-chon. I had to try it so I had it delivered straight to our office for lunch. They only charge you 40PHP for delivery regardless of the total amount of food you ordered.
Update 09-22-2011: After ordering from Manang’s 4 times, their chicken seem to tastes a lot better each time. Now the spicyness is perfect, sweet and salty is balanced and the chicken is still soooo crispy! Love it! I also love their customer service and fast delivery



Got their 4 wings for 97php, rice is 15php. The chicken cuts are very big 🙂
The skin definitely has the same crisp that both BonChon and Chicken Charlie has. The meat was tender juicy and flavorful, unlike BonChon that only the skin has the flavor. But I find the “sauce” way too sweet and has a lot of that “umay” factor that I found it hard to finish it all up. Too too sweet.  Good that I also ordered Clam Chowder from Big Chill to sip when I want to take in something salty. Their spicy, also is not spicy at all. 🙁



They delivered the food really fast so kudos to them and they have great customer service, the next time I order I’ll request for less sauce. I hope they read this so that they can somehow improve the taste of the chicken, because the way they cooked it was perfection. Maybe they could lessen the sugar? It was really too sweet.




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