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Sponsored Post: KIMY Choco Popstar – A Popsicle with a POPPING Surprise!

choco popstar

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Cool kids love a cool treat! Introducing the NEW KIMY Choco Popstar, a 3-layer chocolatey treat with popping candies! Get a popping surprise when you bite the tip, and yummy chocolate layers until the end. Plus, it has the right amount of sugar for children. How cool is that?

Do you remember your elementary days clearly? Well I do, and I loved buying those candy I thought that was magic! Why was it magical? As a kid, something that pops upon contact is surprisingly delicious! I always wondered how it worked as it sparks on my tongue. It comes in all sorts of flavors from strawberry, lemon, and even cola.  Now, I have a kid of my own, I want to share with him the same fun! Even better for him because the NEW KIMY Choco Popstar is both an ice cream with the popping candy surprise!

popping candy

As much as Geof and I love desserts, we have to minimize our sugar intake because sugar causes kids to get hyperactive, distracting them from school. The great thing about the NEW KIMY Choco Popstar is that it has the right amount of sugar. It is not too sweet, it is not to bland either so both kids and parents will surely be happy! NESTLÉ KIMY is bringing kids a surprisingly fun and nutritious take on their number one ice cream flavor: CHOCOLATE! Introducing the new KIMY Choco Popstar, a multi-layered ice lolly treat with three kinds of chocolate, topped with a rich white chocolate coating and popping candy bits. To add to this, KIMY Choco Popstar is internationally recognized as having the right amounts of fat, sugar, and salt, so moms are sure to love it as well!

What do you think mommies (and daddies)? Are you excited to try the NEW KIMY Choco Popstar? I’ll probably go buy a popsicle stick now for myself!

*This post has been sponsored by Nestle, but all the thoughts are my own

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