Laneige Snow BB Cushion Review

Does your skin look tired? Lack of sleep? Dull? This is a perfect pick-me-up make-up.
It adds glow back to your face, it has SPF, it has essential skin benefits, it lasts the whole day, looks better as the day goes by, does not break out, it looks natural, PERFECT HOLY GRAIL BB CREAM MATERIAL except for one thing which will be revealed at the end of my review.

It’s been a while since I had a lemming for a makeup product. I’ve been to many successful Project No-buy and I have been “tame” for a couple of years now, except for this particular situation. When I lost my Tony Moly CC Cream, I needed a replacement quick, I was too shy to request for another one from them even if they openly told me I can get another one for free so I searched for more CC or BB cream reviews. Rowena, of swears by Laneige for her glowing and youthful skin. I trust her because seeing her in person, I can’t believe she’s almost 40, her skin can pass off and be compared to 20 year olds. She also likes their BB Cushion. Perfect. Now I know what to get, now when and how to get it was the question.

What? Laneige Snow BB Cushion
How Much? 1950php (comes with extra refill)
Where to Buy? Laneige Stores

I finally got hold of my Laneige lemming when my colleagues and I went out for lunch at SM Aura at Bonifacio Global City. I had a slight unpleasant experience with some of their SAs because I was inquiring about my shade and they ignored me the whole time and kept busy putting makeup on each other. *sob* I still bought my Laneige Snow BB Cushion anyway but not from them, I went up to the “Korean Fair” that time and bought from different SAs who were nicer and even gave me lots of samples to try and were very helpful.

Haha may stains agad!


It comes in a thick bulky compact with a large mirror and a sleek white casing. It has another layer of cover on top to protect your product from drying too soon. It has a sponge that dispenses the product upon pressure. I find that it is really best to use the applicator that comes along with it instead of fingers.


I’ve been using this on a daily basis and I love the glow it gives when you initially apply the product. It lasts the whole day and the color stays true even if I have acidic skin. What I worry about is that with prolonged usage, it seems that I don’t get the “glow” anymore and it just goes on as regular makeup on my skin. It’s really weird. It’s like your skin will also get immune to the makeup. 
This goes back to my drawer to take some time off. Maybe switching brands will make me appreciate this again someday. I prefer using BB or CC creams instead of foundation now, I love the extra SPF and skincare benefits it provides. The coverage is also perfect for me since I really don’t have that much flaws to conceal and just want my skin to look more “alive

What’s your favorite BB Cream? I’d like to know so I can try it for myself too!
Tone: It has a yellow-undertone my shade is #21
Texture: It’s  very thin almost liquid like.
Scent:  It has a floral scent, but after a while it turns rancid easily. Sponge types aren’t really for me.
Staying Power: 8 hours. Yes sir! One of the best!
Skin Benefits: Anti-aging, moisturizing, sun protecting, and it promises that the color stays true.
Coverage: 6/10. This is highly recommended for girls who don’t have much skin trouble as it has a very light coverage for a BB Cream
Glowiness: 6/10. It’s one of the BB Creams that impart a youthful glow and radiance on your skin upon application. You know how Koreans in their TV series look so fresh? This will give that same effect.
Oil Control: 7/10. Yay! It doesn’t make your skin oily! Yes yes! This is best for oily skin types!
Will I buy again? I still have a refill, so I’m not going to buy anytime soon.
Who do I recommend it to? I recommend this girls who have oily and acidic skin! 

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