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Kori Kohi at UCC Clockwork Cafe

I’m no coffee connoisseur but I do know how to appreciate good coffee when I taste one. It’s my first time to go to UCC Clockwork 3rd Wave Cafe at Capitol Commons Pasig. While waiting for my talent manager Gicel. It was my Blogeratti shoot day! @_@ I still can’t believe it myself.  I decided to order something cool and icy to quench my thirst (and to wake up my senses, I’m no longer a morning person rather a night owl)..
How do you like your coffee? Hot or Cold? I like mine ice cold!
UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork has a very cozy ambiance. At 9am on a weekday, it’s full but not tightly crowded unlike other cafes.

UCC Clockwork Cafe Menu and Pricelist




Studying their menu was both a thrill and challenge. So many good coffee drinks to choose from at so little time!


The perfect drink of choice? Kori Kohi!!!!  What is Kori Kohi?It’s basically espresso ice cubes and then you pour warm milk on it. Then, everything blends together into a magical creamy caffeine laden masterpiece. UCC Clockworks Kori Kohi combined the perfect amount of bitterness in their espresso; their milk fresh. It has a pleasant aftertaste you can spot on first sip you’re drinking quality coffee from quality coffee beans. Since it’s ice based the temperature is perfect for me.

How to Make Your Own Kori Kohi

1. Make your espresso, taste the coffee first to see how bitter you would like it to be
2. Freeze in ice cube trays
3. Once frozen, simply pour warm milk to serve. Sweeten if preferred.


I’d definitely come back for more! I’ll try their food next time. Any recommendations what to order next? Love ya!

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