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La Tentation De Nina Fragrance Review


Note to Readers: YES this is a FULL review of the perfume rather than an event coverage. Read on read on. I didn’t receive any complimentary perfume bottles or what-nots because I wasn’t able to really attend the full event. I am writing this review because I really love perfumes!

Last July 22nd, I was invited to numerous events that I tried my best to manage my time. First one up was the very intimate press launch of La Tentation De NinaΒ held at Poetry and Prose Patisserie at Shangri-La Plaza. As much as I would love to cover the event, I wasn’t able to attend fully and just drop by because of time constraints. However, I had the opportunity to spray on the latest fragrance from Nina Ricci and being the frustrated pinay perfumista that I was, tried to put my olfactory senses on full force despite my colds & allergies to review this scent for you!



It’s better to smell the perfume ON YOUR SKIN than on paper. I just did not have the photo of me smelling my wrists haha

La Tentation De Nina Perfume Notes

Base – White Musk, Vanilla, and Sandal Wood
Middle – Macarons, Lemon, Almonds, Rose, Raspberry
Top – Bergamot
Main notes according to my nose – Sandal Wood, Vanilla, Raspberry, Macarons
La Tentation de Nina, Nina L’Elixir, Nina, Nina L’eau

Staying Power

An average of 6 hours and I can still smell it on my wrists

Sillage (How it emanates from your body)

It has a soft sillage that only those who are near you can smell. It’s a very sexy, sweet, and intimate fragrance


KikaysiKat Tip: Staying power and Sillage (pronounced as See-arge) are different. Sillage is how people smell it from you. You know, when a lady walk past you and it’s either you wrinkle your nose from foul smell or close your eyes because she smells like an angel


I’ve always been a Nina Fan ever since their first perfume came out which was the original Nina perfume that I received as a gift. My boyfriend loves the scent on me, he tells me I smell like a princess whenever I wear it.
My broken Nina bottle. Lost cap. Almost empty. Sad really πŸ™
Being a Nina perfume fan, discovering that they made an edgier fragrance for us is a delight. The neon pink bottle is very eye-catching giving the notion that this Nina is the aggressive type BUT the fragrance still says otherwise. The scent still smells soft and princessy to me, none of the edge. They were probably looking for that via the lemon and rose notes but it still gets overpowered by the sweetness of Macarons.
If you are a fan of powdery and sweet scents this is a must for you! The bottle would be a nice addition to your growing collection.

KikaysiKat Rating 4/5 stars



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