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Guest Post

Sunday Currently: My Dream to Sing

If you’ve been stalking my facebook fanpage, you’d notice I posted this video of mine singing at Klownz Comedy Bar on a Throwback Thursday. Did you know that I’m a frustrated singer? Haha! Grabe, matagal ko ng pangarap kumanta in front of a huge crowd. 
When I was in gradeschool, I sang in barangay singing contests or in school programs, pero hanggang dun na lang. I was to scared to join television contests kasi I always know you need to have a good network and a backer to get noticed.
I also joined a band here in our company last year but had to quit because I’ve been to busy with blogging and real life that I don’t have extra time to join their practices that we’re required to go to weekly! *_* So in order to fulfill my dream, I guess I’ll just post my videos here every Sunday instead.
How about you?  What’s your dream? How are you chasing it?