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Laneige Workshop Part 1: Korean Skincare Routine

Koreans are slowly making their way into mainstream pop culture such as music, television, and other media. Boys are handsome and girls are surprisingly cute with a bit of sexiness that makes them irresistable to men but women want to be like them. So what makes korean women so special? They look so pretty but look so natural! That’s the difference between western celebrities and korean celebs. They have this youthful, radiating aura that seems so hard to copy!

Fret no more girls, KikaysiKat was invited to a special blogger’s session from Laneige that had their Korean Makeup-artist/Guru teach all the tricks of the trade on how ulzzang (korean for perfect-face) sweethearts do their skincare and makeup routine.
This is Part 1 of a 2 part series. I will first share to you what they taught about Korean Skincare.
I forgot his name so let’s call him Mr. L short for Mr. Laneige. Mr L emphasized that even if it is humid in the Philippines, it is very important that we keep our skin clean and moisturized.



1. Before going to bed. Always. always always always. Make sure that our skin is clear from all makeup, dirt, and grime we accumulated throughout the day. Mr. L told us that the best steps would be:
a. Use a gentle toner on a cotton ball for initial cleansing

b. Use cleansing oil to remove stubborn makeup especially around the eyes. Oil is best because it is gentle and wont tug our skin even if we rub. Best cleansing oils are made out of olive oil or sunflower oil. Less chemicals the better.

c. Wipe out the excess oil and then rinse with a foaming wash



Steps are different from our usual routine eh?
2. After cleansing be sure to use a good moisturizer or emulsion. The difference? An emulsion is thicker and best used during nighttime. Oh, and it’s not just slathering moisturizer. At night, Mr. L suggested we put a lot, as in A LOT. And then massage in a circular and upward motion. Especially around the jaw area and the cheekbone area so that our faces would be “lifted” and “toned”
I guess that’s the Korean’s secret for looking youthful despite aging.



3. Prevention is better than cure. Mr. L mentioned that filipinas rarely used sunblock because they are afraid it will be sticky. Sunscreen is very important and use at least SPF 30 and above on our faces and our bodies because sunlight is the number one cause of early skin aging, wrinkles, and sun spots. But fear not, there are a lot of sunblocks that are non-sticky and oil free. I even reviewed and raved on some of them. (Biore UV Milk, Mentholatum Sunplay, Belo, Laneige of course! :))
3 simple steps, that’s all we need, 3 simple steps and we’re ready to go! Sorry, my son and I have been watching too much Agent Oso *giggles*



Tata for now gals! So excited for Part 2: Korean Makeup. Mr. L taught so much in detail that I’ve been doing the korean-makeup everyday because it’s so easy and simple to do. And most of all it looks natural!

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