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Simple Line Milk Tea Review

Joining the Milk Tea brandwagon is Simple Line Milk Tea. Popular among students near UST for its affordable price but taste comparable to pricier brands. (According to reviews). So here is mine.

>Their best seller is their basic milk tea, or the one with the cognac jelly. The description on their signage says their tea comes from Taiwan. They also have flavored teas on their menu. (I cannot take a decent photo because of the crowd)

This tea joint is overrated as there is nothing special about their tea apart from the hype.  It deserves all the hype it is getting. It gets better everyday and they actually have the best milk green tea I ever tasted.
Update 10-07-2011
Gave it another shot since it’s on my way home. Ordered Milk Green Tea with Herb Jelly and it was DIVINE AND PERFECT. It was so yummy. It had a strong jasmine tea flavor mixed with milk perfection. The herbal jelly was bland at first taste but when you bite into it, it becomes sweet. How does it do that? I dont know. But it was good. Herb Jelly is the perfect match for the Milk Green Tea.
Will try another cup today, this time.. Oolong tea.

Update 10-05-2011
Gave it another shot this afternoon, I ordered Milk Green Tea but the server gave me Milk Black Tea.. Tsk tsk.. but on the brighter side. It tastes a LOT better this time. I love the fact that the tea tastes freshly steeped and it blends perfectly well with the milk. It’s worth its price but still not worth the hype. Oh.. I tried to return my tea but they insisted what they gave me was green. Which is kinda offending because being a tea lover, I  know the distinct tastes of tea, even the difference of the green variety. 🙁

Price: 45PHP-60PHP

1. I can definitely taste the black tea. The green tea is the BOMB.
2. Not to sweet not too bitter. The herbal jelly tastes mildy sweet and herbal.
3. Affordable. Pefect.
4. Gives your tea fast

1. I got my order with the ice melted already making my tea a bit bland
2. Tapioca balls are tasteless, I prefer mine sweet.
3. Service is slow and inconsistent.


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