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Country Style Bagels and Omelette

You can skip dinner but never ever skip breakfast. You start the day and your body needs energy. More than the caffeine boost you get from drinking coffee. 😛 I can’t believe some people can survive with coffee in the morning alone! (My grandparents are like that).

(shame i should have bought one today so that i can share a pic)
Here’s what I had today:

Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese
Corned Beef Omelette with Butter Toast

I skip dinner sometimes because I want to sleep ASAP, and it’s bad to go to bed full anyway.
Country Style makes me remember highschool because it was the first time I tried their donuts and it was <3 at first sight. Too bad the branches seem to be less today. They serve yummy donuts and for me they have the best ones especially the triple choco boom where you have a chocolate filled chocolate caked donut topped with chocolate frosting!!!

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